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New Mint

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2022.01.17 13:34 crap_man_epic Should I use 30mm Fragmentation against logis in BTR 82A?

Yeah it might sound a bit werid but when you try to destroy a logi or truck with normal 30mm there will be someone that will just jump out seconds before the truck blows, then that guy runs to the forest or cover or a place that we cant really see him at all, 4 mins later he revives the medic then they start to revive the whole team..

Is it possible to wipeout everyone inside before the shit blows?
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2022.01.17 13:34 VoidBG is yall's controllers broken after this patch?

my ps5 controller only works during the loading screen at the beginning when you start the game
I tried all kinds of things but nothing worked
xbox also doesn't work
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2022.01.17 13:34 Myamoxomis Should I return to work or stay home a bit longer?

I tested positive for COVID and my job originally put me off until the 26th, 10 full work days. Due to new COVID guidelines, I instead return on the 19th.
Yes, this mean I’ll be returning to work with COVID, thanks to the new CDC guidelines. My problem is, my symptoms are mostly gone, except where I’m an asthmatic, I continue to have trouble breathing. My chest is still tight, even during the day and at night. It’s not so bad that I feel I need to go to the doctor, but I am concerned about how this is going to affect me when I’m up and walking around at work.
You have to be up and moving often at my job. So not only am I concerned about maybe giving one of my kids (I work in a placement for troubled teens), but I’m concerned about my breathing.
Should I ask them for a couple of more days to recover before returning?
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If you were going to make a deck out of just aspect cards.
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Ghidorah's Beams i was always curious about one thing, why is Ghidorah's beams called "Gravity Beams" ?
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2022.01.17 13:34 enter_the_nerd SacAnime Winter 2022 Vlog [SacAnime Vlog] The Spider-verse Takes Over SacAnime!! Dennis Meets World

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2022.01.17 13:34 PelotonMod Team Presentation 2022: EF Education-EasyPost

Code Name Nation PCS Rank UCI Rank
Another year, another name change. Japanese sponsor NIPPO was outbid for naming rights, so the plucky American team will be known as EF Education-EasyPost this year. Last year wasn’t quite on the same level as previous seasons, but with some solid new signings and quite likely an…interesting kit or two, we’ll no doubt notice them on the attack in 2022.
2021 Season Recap The EF squad didn’t quite hit the same heights last year as they did in 2020, but most of their wins came at the WorldTour level and 10 of their 16 wins were produced by just three riders. The season started off well enough, with a pair of stage wins at Paris-Nice, courtesy of Stefan Bissegger and Magnus Cort. Bissegger would continue his strong form throughout the season, also taking stage wins in the Tour de Suisse and Benelux Tour. The same would hold true for Cort, who also counted a stage win in Route d’Occitanie and found some late-season success with three stages wins at the Vuelta a España, singlehandedly rescuing the team’s efforts there.
Speaking of Grand Tours, unfortunately things didn’t work out quite so well. Hugh Carthy failed to follow up on his remarkable 2020 Vuelta 3rd place GC finish, but managed a respectable 8th place at the Giro, where Alberto Bettiol also gave the team its lone stage win. The team also unveiled a less-ridiculous-than-2020 one-off jersey for the race that still allowed them to stand out a bit. At the Tour de France, Rigoberto Urán added to his years-long string of bottom-half-Top 10 GC results, but failed to make a strong impact. This despite his promising pre-TdF Tour de Suisse results - 2nd overall and winning the TT stage - he finished 10th overall and the team was shut out when it came to stage wins. Over at the Vuelta, Hugh Carthy came into the race as the team’s GC leader but lost time early and abandoned the race during Stage 7, having already lost over 4 minutes to the rest of the GC crowd. With a couple of other potential stage-win candidates also dropping out of the race, Cort brought his A-game and won three stages to salvage the team’s efforts there.
Beyond stage racing, EF saw some mild success. Lawson Craddock became the US national TT champion, while Neilson Powless put in an excellent ride to win the Clásica San Sebastián. Late in the season, Michael Valgren found some of his past form and won a pair of Italian classics: the Giro della Toscana and Coppa Sabatini. Otherwise though, the team’s classics campaign did not live up to past expectations, with no Top 10s to speak of in the major spring classics and an 11th place in Paris-Roubaix and 10th in Il Lombardia being its best monument results.
Top Riders Last 5 Years
Rank 2021 (points UCI) 2020 2019 2018 2017
1 Powless (986) Martínez (981) Woods (1684) Woods (1368) Urán (1862)
2 Valgren (902) Woods (920) Higuita (1307) Urán (1338) Woods (967)
3 Urán (875) Carthy (821) Bettiol (1105) Vanmarcke (966) Vanmarcke (620)
4 Carthy (602) Bettiol (649) Clarke (968) Martínez (629) Formolo (439)
5 Cort (596) Higuita (602) Vanmarcke (945) Modolo (388) Rolland (414)
Tot. 5362 5577 8162 4373 5748
PCS Rank 16 10 11 16 10
2021 Grand Tours
Highest in GC Stage Wins Highest in Points Highest in KoM
Giro Carthy (8th) 1 (Bettiol) Bettiol (10th) Carthy (29th)
Tour Uran (10th) 0 Higuita (21st) Higuita (11th)
Vuelta Keukeleire (50th) 3 (Cort) Cort (3rd) Cort (14th)
2021 Monuments
Best Result
MSR Higuita (36th)
RVV Bettiol (28th)
PRX Rutsch (11th)
LBL Higuita (30th)
LOM Higuita (10th)
Wins in 2021
Winner Wins Races
Magnus Cort 5 Paris-Nice Stage 8, Route d’Occitanie Stage 4, Vuelta a España Stage 6, 12 & 19
Stefan Bissegger 3 Paris-Nice Stage 3, Tour de Suisse Stage 4, Benelux Tour Stage 2
Michael Valgren 2 Giro della Toscana, Coppa Sabatini
Alberto Bettiol 1 Giro d’Italia Stage 18
Rigoberto Urán 1 Tour de Suisse Stage 7
Lawson Craddock 1 NC ITT USA
Neilson Powless 1 Clásica San Sebastián
Hugh Carthy 1 Vuelta a Burgos Stage 5
Julius Van Den Berg 1 Tour of Poland Stage 7
Top Results 2021 According to UCI Points
Rnk. Race Rider Placement PointsUCI
1. Clásica San Sebastián Neilson Powless 1 400
2. Tour de Suisse Rigoberto Urán 2 400
3. Giro d’Italia Hugh Carthy 8 220
4. Coppa Sabatini Michael Valgren 1 200
5. Tour de France Rigoberto Urán 10 175
Stages, stages, stages. Aside from Powless’ superb San Sebastián win, Valgren’s late-season Italian success and Craddocks TT NC, 2021 was all about stages for the EF boys. Bissegger and Cort were the real stars of the show there. The young Swiss rider won two time trials and a hilly Tour de Suisse stage, showing his versatility, while the Danish veteran won a sprint and two breakaway stages at the Vuelta, as well as a sprint stage in Paris-Nice and an uphill finish at the Route d’Occitanie. Despite a lack of GC firepower, Hugh Carthy did manage a win on Stage 5 of the Vuelta a Burgos. His GC campaigns, however, did not signal an upward trajectory. With 8th at the Giro, 5th in the Tour of the Alps, 12th in Basque Country , 8th in Catalunya and a DNF at the Vuelta, he didn’t really improve on his 2020 results. We did see some flashes of brilliance from Urán, such as his Tour de Suisse TT stage win and 2nd overall, but other than that and 10th overall at the Tour de France, his 2021 was rather anonymous. Julius van den Berg took his first major pro-level win, beating out the sprinters by just a few seconds on Stage 7 of the Tour of Poland. Having come close in a few races and stages throughout the year, young British rider Simon Carr showed his promise and did finish on top of the young rider classification at the Route d’Occitanie.
Outgoing Transfers
Rider Born Nation 2021 UCI Points Type New Team
BARTA Will 1996 USA 16 ITT Movistar
BEPPU Fumiyuki 1983 JAP 0 Rouleur Retirement
CRADDOCK Lawson 1992 USA 123 Climber Team BikeExchange-Jayco
DOCKER Mitchell 1986 AUS 3 Rouleur Retirement
EL FARES Julien 1985 FRA 62 Domestique Retirement
HIGUITA Sergio 1997 COL 390 GC/Climber BORA-hansgrohe
HOFLAND Moreno 1991 NED 0 Classics Retirement
OWEN Logan 1995 USA 48 Domestique
VAN GARDEREN Tejay 1988 USA 23 Climber DS for EF Education-EasyPost
WHELAN James 1996 AUS 33 Domestique Team BridgeLane
The biggest transfer loss for the team is former Colombian champion Sergio Higuita, who heads to BORA-hansgrohe to try and further his GC and climbing goals, and likely to also serve as a support rider for the team’s other GC challengers. Breakaway rider and American TT champion Lawson Craddock makes the move to BikeExchange-Jayco while another TT talent, Will Barta, joins Movistar. A good chunk of the team’s outgoing riders are leaving the pro road ranks altogether. Fumiyuki Beppu, Mitch Docker, Julien El Fares, Moreno Hofland and Tejay van Garderen all announced their retirement, mostly at the tail end of longer careers. Hofland however, retires a bit earlier than the rest, due to persistent health issues that have yet to be resolved.
2022 Roster
Rider Born Nat. 2021 UCI Points Type Joined Team
ARROYAVE Daniel 2000 COL 0 Classics 2021
BETTIOL Alberto 1993 ITA 237 Classics 2014
BISSEGGER Stefan 1998 SUI 481 SprinteITT 2020
CAICEDO Jonathan Klever 1993 ECU 22 Climber 2019
CAMARGO Diego Andres 1998 COL 42 Climber 2021
CARR Simon 1998 GBR 170 ClimbeClassics 2021
CARTHY Hugh 1994 GBR 602 GC 2017
CHAVES EstebanNEW 1990 COL 703 GC/ClimbeInfectious smile Team BikeExchange
CORT Magnus 1993 DEN 571 Classics/Sprinter 2020
DOULL OwainNEW 1993 GBR 85 Classics INEOS Grenadiers
EIKING Odd ChristianNEW 1994 NOR 643 Climber Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert
GUERREIRO Ruben 1994 POR 213 PuncheuClimber 2020
HEALY BenNEW 2000 IRE 46 All-round Trinity Racing
HOWES Alex 1988 USA 3 Puncheur 2012
KEUKELEIRE Jens 1988 BEL 19 Classics 2020
KUDUS MerhawiNEW 1994 ERI 293 Climber Astana-Premier Tech
LANGEVELD Sebastian 1985 NED 40 Classics 2014
MORTON Lachlan 1992 AUS 10 Occasional Road Cyclist 2019
NAKANE Hideto 1990 JAP 83 Climber 2021
PADUN MarkNEW 1996 UKR 318 ClimbeDisappearing Act Bahrain Victorious
POWLESS Neilson 1996 USA 986 Climber 2020
QUINN SeanNEW 2000 USA 108 GC/Climber Hagens Berman Axeon
RUTSCH Jonas 1998 GER 118 Classics 2020
SCULLY Tom 1990 NZL 12 Rouleur 2016
SHAW JamesNEW 1996 GBR 210 Classics Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling
STEINHAUSER GeorgNEW 2001 GER 93 All-round Tirol KTM Cycling Team
URÁN Rigoberto 1987 COL 835 GC/Puncheur 2016
VALGREN Michael 1992 DEN 877 Classics 2021
VAN DEN BERG MarijnNEW 1999 NED 317 Sprinter Groupama-FDJ Continental
VAN DEN BERG Julius 1996 NED 65 Rouleur 2018
WIŚNIOWSKI ŁukaszNEW 1991 POL 43 Cobbles Team Qhubeka NextHash
Avg. 27 yrs. 31 riders 266 pt.
EF made a few solid moves on the transfer market, snagging INEOS veteran Owain Doull, breakaway and support rider Merhawi Kudus and Norwegian talent Odd Christian Eiking. Not to be without a backup Colombian climber, the team picked up Esteban Chaves and in a come-to-Jesus moment, added even more climbing firepower by signing Mark Padun. Another interesting signing is James Shaw, who had a promising career start with the Lotto Soudal U23 and then WT squads before dropping down to the ProTeam and continental levels for a few years. EF also picked up Łukasz Wiśniowski from the rubble of Qhubeka NextHash for some support in the cobbled classics.
Beyond WorldTour veterans, the team also signed a few very promising young riders, with Dutch sprinter Marijn van den Berg joining from the Groupama-FDJ Continental development team, German climber Georg Steinhauser coming over from Tirol KTM Cycling Team, Irish rider Ben Healy transferring from Trinity Racing and American Sean Quinn switching from Hagens Berman Axeon.
2022 Outlook This year will hopefully bring improved fortunes for the EF boys. Their new signings mainly bolster their classics and sprinting lineups. With riders like Bettiol, Bissegger, Carr, Cort, Doull, Langeveld, Powless, Rutsch, Shaw, Valgren and Wiśniowski they’ve got a strong team to tackle the trickier one-day races. If Carr keeps developing, Valgren holds his re-found form, and the rest of the classics lineup performs as expected the team can expect to take a few wins in one-day races. Bissegger will also bring a lot of talent to their TT efforts and hopefully match or even improve on his excellent 2021 season.
For the more mountainous races, we can count on the main GC riders, as well as Caicedo, Carr and Guerreiro, plus new signings like Steinhauser. And despite some rumblings and questionable absences, the team didn’t sign Padun to hide him away, so expect to see him giving it a go in the mountains. We’ll at least see their bright colours at the head of affairs going uphill and with some luck Guerreiro and Caicedo can secure some more big wins for the team, as they did in 2020. Carr is also on a steady upward trajectory and could bring some big results this year. Meanwhile, the team doesn’t have the strongest sprint train, but Cort has been reliable there and Marijn van den Berg is a promising young sprinter who could pull out some decent results if he settles into the pro peloton well.
For GC efforts, it looks like the leadership will fall mainly to Carthy and Urán yet again, with Chaves offering a backup option in a pinch, if he’s on good form. And after the last Vuelta, Eiking could also be a solid choice, depending on the race. The most promise, however, falls on Carthy, especially after his Vuelta 2020 performance. He failed to match those results last season, but his trajectory is still looking good and it’s a fairly safe bet that he’ll once again have the best Grand Tour GC placings of the team this year.
And Lachlan Morton got re-signed, so he gets to keep doing pretty much whatever he wants. As long as we keep getting nice videos from him, EF can keep him on, am I right?
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