Has the January update fixed any Pixel 6 issues you had?

2022.01.17 13:41 ZoolShop Has the January update fixed any Pixel 6 issues you had?

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2022.01.17 13:41 shootblue Accidentally found likely elemental sodium or similar in an oven thermostat...need disposal advice

For reference, this article best describes the likely metals. https://goldrefiningforum.com/threads/oven-thermostats.16173/
This was an early 90s era range/stove...in the process of scrapping wire on the backside of the control switches, cut this thermostat line...which immediately sparked/made fire. I though it odd that anything would still have an electrical type charge in it...thing has been unnattached for almost a year.
Well, it left a couple drops of this whitish powder with a mercury looking substance. So I figured I would wipe if off with a (fresh) paper towel. Well, you can imagine how I now had to change my pants when the paper towel caught fire IMMEDIATELY as I rubbed just one side of the cutters...like flash paper.
So now I have this about a foot or so long section of likely stainless steel tube about 1/16" thick with this stuff still basically crimped closed by the cutters leverage. I have it in a sturdy stainless steel pot with a lid outside away from anything on concrete. I did notice my cutters have all but lost the remaining drops of material which now resembles an oily substance...no idea where the rest of the stuff went or what is now on there...but I can always buy new cutters.
So I'm just a person who is looking for reasonable solutions for getting rid of this wire. The trash isn't the answer probably...chucking it off a bridge to allow plenty of room and volume for it to do it's thing has came to mind...but that's not ideal either. Again, not a very big section...but I'm betting if it were all out of the tube it would be a decent sized drop of the stuff.
So...thoughts on this situation?
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2022.01.17 13:41 techno67 INNOCN Portable Monitor Giveaway (01/26/2022) {WW}

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2022.01.17 13:41 dotnetnuke41 Excuse me, what?

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2022.01.17 13:41 Okawaru1 Best 1080p 144hz monitor(s) in your opinion?

Currently I'm leaning towards the LG 27GN650-B. My brother claims LG has good QA and this model is currently on sale and is affordable for my price range. I was curious to hear what you think about this one or if you have suggestions for alternatives you think are a better value proposition.
Currently I have an rtx 3060 ti, if that matters
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2022.01.17 13:41 Little-Low9749 90 days detox

Hey there I want to go for 90 days smartphone internet dopamine detox Any advice for me?
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2022.01.17 13:41 eaddrs5678 How to use Pancakeswap?

Beginner question, but I'm lost.
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2022.01.17 13:41 Felaer Lookin' for new online friends!

Hey there!
I'm just looking for online friends to hangout with and play video games together. Preferably would like a long term friendship.
A bit about me:
I'm 19, from Estonia (EET time-zone), and I'm a demi-girl (https://gender.wikia.org/wiki/Demigirl). My pronouns are she/they.
I love playing video games, reading books, and watching anime. I mostly play League of Legends on EUW, Hades, FFXIV (currently on Aether but waiting for transfers to open to move to Chaos), Risk of Rain 2, Dark Souls. Some of my favorite books are by Rick Riordan and Taran Matharu.
Please tell me more about yourself in the first message. I won't respond to just "hi" or "what's up". Feel free to give me your Discord so we can chat there instead ;3
I hope you all have a great day!

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2022.01.17 13:41 CrAcKeD-StoRMtrOpeR What setting do you choose for Quick Time Events(QTE)?

Which setting
View Poll
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2022.01.17 13:41 PepSakdoek "View on the web" link in post game should be removed (5 months has passed)

I see they link 4 sites with their "Turning off web match history", but they could like to the in-client match summary. Or their sites can actually links can actually link to the game that was played.
The match details is already in the link... why not send me to one of the 4 sites they mentioned?

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2022.01.17 13:41 Fuckreddiit Can people get out of my ass?

I'm learning how to drive at the moment, day 3. And the amount of assholes that need to ride my tail is crazy.
See those giant L's in my window? That means I don't know how to fucking drive!
When I slow down to take a corner instead of going over the centre line at 50km you just have to fucking deal with it. Not everyone is as confident in their shit driving as you are, hell I drive better then you and it's been 3 FUCKING DAYS!
Day two I was driving down a residential area with cars parked everywhere on both sides so you couldn't see the foot path, if I wasn't doing 30 in this two lane street big enough for one car I would have killed the 5(maybe?) Year old boy that road his trike down his drive way onto the road.
The next asshats that does this to me is going to get a bigger verbal shit storm then that kid did (I legit almost shit myself and 2 days driving, I should have to deal with this shit.)
Plus I'm learning how to drive, if I ran into the side of your car(with no one in it) I can claim it was an accident and since I dont have insurance it will be $5 a week to pay for a new 2010+ Holden you pos
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2022.01.17 13:41 Spirited_You5729 Thanks for the 1k followers 🙏🏾🏆🍾🎉

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2022.01.17 13:41 iffelbuffer Anyone remember Iffelmaus?

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2022.01.17 13:41 Insane_Grape479 I found this good like imagine using bing in 2022 , ah yes no more "in 2021"

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2022.01.17 13:41 trappedslider Commander State of the Format 2022

Commander Rules Committee Member Sheldon Menery assesses the state of MTG’s most popular format at the start of 2022. What challenges does it face? What successes can it celebrate?
Free to read/complain about. https://articles.starcitygames.com/select/commander-state-of-the-format-2022/
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2022.01.17 13:41 dmtsprites Predictive Programming (BWV XXV) 'Scanners' Edition. Generational mass conditioning (run) enter...deprogramming run-down

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2022.01.17 13:41 romain34230 Exotec devient la 25ème licorne française : mais que fait cette start-up au juste ?

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2022.01.17 13:41 nh1024 Renewing medical card

Hey there, I got my medical card almost two years ago so it is going to expire in a few months. I got one in Nov 2019 but after going to company trainings they issued me new ones in March 2020 and April 2020. The newest one should expire in April 2022. Will I receive mail from the state when it is time to renew? I have t been able to find any central online portal to verify my medical status either with my state DMV or with fmcsa is there anything I should be doing?
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2022.01.17 13:41 upbeatpride69 [H] OnlyFans $1 Pornhub $5 (Doesn't Downgrade) NordVPN Disney Plus $5 IPTV Paramount $3 Google Drive $2 ESPN $3 Deezer $5 HBO MAX Hulu $2 Netflix $3 CBS $3 MalwareBytes Lifetime $7 ExpressVPN RealityKings Brazzers Mofos Babes WTF Pass Fakehub Blacked Twistys [W] Paypal, Credit Cards, BTC ETH LTC BCH

OFFER: Free IPTV (for PC) for any purchase worth $4 or above
(Message me if you want to pay using credit/debit card)
Items start for as low as $1 US, and you'll always have warranty on your purchase, as long as we got the item on stock.
Feel free to DM me 24/7 with any questions or clarifications you'd like me to make.
The process is automated, and you receive the product instantly after purchase. Kindly check out the full product list and reviews in the new store below
Click Here to access the shop
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2022.01.17 13:41 DISANews Israeli study shows 4th shot of COVID-19 vaccine not able to block Omicron

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2022.01.17 13:41 ludicrosity548 watching tom scott choke on vape on loop is the highest form of asmr

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2022.01.17 13:41 Swaloopi Wait a minute

Wait a minute
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2022.01.17 13:41 FuckingShittyAlt FuckingShittyAlt's drama response Copypasta

Ok so, It's been an interesting few hours lately.
Basically If you didn't know already (somehow), I got "exposed". Basically u/Affectionate_Fail577 (I'll be referring the them as "Anon7" posted me saying a very, very fucked up racist 'rant' and obviously it exploded. Now to keep things short because I hate when peoples apologies are five paragraphs long.
Its a Hoax Lemme explain, So first I'll give context the whole day basically and what happened. So I was doing my usual thing, scrolling through New on HighJinks. I then see a post advertising a Discord server. The reason why this intrigued me was because it was advertised as a "Unofficial HighJinks server", (Also keep that in your mind for later). Now obviously I said to myself "Fuck it, I'll join it, Why not?" so I did. Now at first things were relatively tame, I joined, Some people welcomed me in y'know the average discord experience. So for like 2 hours It was me sending dogshit shitposts, Talking to people, just being social but then I see Starpop.
Now, Who's Starpop? Well that's actually Catfish.

Now before we start I'd like to make it known that Catfish uses "it/itself" pronouns so to avoid confusion with grammar whenever I'll use one of 'its' pronouns I'll mark it in quote's (EX: 'its').
So back to the story, so basically Starpop comes in and types shit, basically just normal shit but I notice a trend in 'Its' messages. 'It' always ends 'its' messages with "-🌺". Now y'know at first I thought it was just an aesthetic thing some people do to make their messages look prettier or something so I asked Starpop "So why do you put a flower at end of your messages? Is it some kind of aesthetic thing?".
Now I'd like to mention that I don't have the 100% quotes. I was banned from the server so I can't go in there and get my exact messages word-for-word but I can only tell y'all it from my memory.
So back to the story, Starpop replies with something like "No, it's one of my alters". Something to that extent. Now at first I thought 'it' was a troll. I mean, I've never actually seen someone with Multiple-personalities on anywhere besides TikTok faking them so I assumed that 'it' was just an edgy troll. So then I obviously seeing the opportunity start making fun of alters and shit, generally just trolling and shit. Nothing bad really, I guess the worse I gotten was me saying "I'm gonna release my KKK racist alter" something like that but literally all of my soon to be called "harassment" was literally just me making fun of the idea the Starpop had alters. Now very soon I'd learn that well it's not a troll. Now how I learned was that I was "Timed-out", Basically If you haven't used Discord in a while it's basically a mute ban. So I was muted for an hour, Expected. Now I thought that was the end of my Discord shenanigans but no. It's just getting started.
So shortly after my Mute a user DMs me. This is Swagenjoyer, Now I haven't known then at all up to this point so I just thought it was a hate message or something. Nope. They said that they wanted to "defend me" and get me un-mutted because they thought the mute was unjust. I agreed because y'know I was bored as fuck on a sunday, of course I would snatch this opportunity up instantly. So a few minutes later we had a "Discord trail" to prove if I was guilty or not. TLDR, I lost horribly, like within the first 30 seconds. So then I was muted for a week. I then jokingly said to Swagenjoyer that "Their defense was dogshit", y'know in like a joking way. They just replied something like "lmao" and then they (Swagenjoyer) asked me to friend them and they put me into a Group chat with Themselves, me and a guy named "Electrofish". Now Electrofish isn't at all important to the story so you can kinda discard that. Now is where things get spicy.
So Swagenjoyer invites Creative into the Group chat.
Now Who's Creative? The owner of the Discord server. Also known on reddit as u/creative-name-is-pog, Keep this in mind.
So Creative joins and Swagenjoyer asked Creative if he thinks that Starpop has Multiple-personality disorder, He says that he knows 'it' doesn't actually have a disorder (It's pretty fucking obvious) but Creative just doesn't want to cause drama by kicking 'it' from the server. Now we (Swagenjoyer and I) basically go off on him. The whole point of HighJinks is to be a "FNF anarchy" environment that doesn't falsely ban people like the fnf mods. Now Creative just violated those two rules. The problem with this is that the server is being advertised as an Official HighJinks server yet the Owner is contradicting what makes HighJinks well HighJinks. So as I said we started going off on him y'know and here's where I respond to my first of many "drama's".
The Blackmailing
So if you didn't see it, Creative (u/Creative-name-is-pog) posted another "expose" of me allegedly blackmailing him.
Now this is where in the timeline this happens so yeah.
So while we're ripping into this guy for essentially being a pussy for not banning Starpop for faking a mental disorder I say (not exact quotes), "You better ban then or else I'm posting this shit on HighJinks". Now that does somewhat look like blackmail but let me give my mindset on this. So here's Creative, the Owner of a Discord server. This Server is being publicly advertised on HighJinks as a "Unofficial HighJinks server". By Creative banning me he's essentially censoring people thus literally contradicting the point of HighJinks. So me saying "I'm posting this shit on HighJinks" basically meant that I was gonna (heavy quotes) "expose him and the server" for people know that this server doesn't share the same values as our community yet is claiming it's for the community. Basically in a short way, I'm saying that if he didn't fix what he did I was gonna say "Ay yo, This Unofficial HighJinks server fucking sucks, It bans people to censor them" on HighJinks to spread awareness to the ban. Now is that Blackmail? Ehhhh kinda. So Creative is framing it as if the only reason he banned Starpop was because of me threatening to "expose" him on HighJinks which is a false claim since he himself said that he thinks Starpops mental disorder is fake but he doesn't ban 'it' to avoid drama. Basically I'm saying that Creative had full intenti of banning her, Creative just wanted to kick me while I'm down for he could add fuel to the fire. I'm saying that he's essentially a clout chaser.
Now with that Mini-drama done, back to the story.
So Creative bans Starpop and unbans me, Yay. So for an hour or so things are great again, I'm talking with the lovely people in the server, y'know, everything's fine. Then I get an @ and a message. "@FuckingShittyAlt should we start drama on the sub".
Me getting "exposed" as a racist
Now I was bored, So seeing this opportunity I said yes, Then we (me and Anon7 aka u/Affectionate_Fail577) discussed what we should do. I said me being a Pedophile, He said no, I said me being a racist. I got a yes. So the plan was to DM Anon7 a very very fucked up "rant" about black people. Basically something that would cancel me immediately. So I typed out a horribly racist "rant" and DMed him it, Later Anon7 took a screenshot of it, Posted it on HighJinks and started the "expose", the rest is history.
Now your asking, "WTF why would you do that to yourself?" and my answer is because I was bored and basically wanted to see what everyone's reaction would be to the "based guy" getting exposed for some horrid shit. Looking back on it yeah It was stupid but I believe ultimately I thought me a lesson to not cancel yourself and that anyone can fall from grace in a snap. Which actually made me realize how quickly a mob can turn for you to against you over some at best shaky evidence. I mean, all the "expose" was, was a Discord account named FuckingShittyAlt witj my Pfp saying some racist shit completely with no context at all. I get that people act in the moment but c'mon, I thought HighJinks was the based people who didn't just believe everything they see online. Just saying, like 90% of you are sheep who don't actually do their research. Also as a quick shoutout, I'd like to thank Sussyimpostear and another guy (I forgot his name, I'll probably edit this ans put their name here) for not believing the horde and actually going into my DMs and saying "Ay, this you?". Now granted I incriminated myself with Sussy but the point still stands. I'd just like to thank you based individuals.
Now with a little QnA thingy;
Q: Even if it was a hoax, That shit was racist and horrible to say.
A: Yes, obviously it was fucking extreme. that was the point. I purposely made it fucking horribly racist to make the hate-mob grow bigger.
Q: I believe that your a racist still because you can't just pull that rant out of your ass on a whim.
A: You have a point but my argument is that it's not racism. Wait, put down ya' pitchforks and let me defend myself. So, your argument could be that I'm racist because It legjti seemed like I was ranting about Black people and their stereotypes which I disagree that it's not racist to talk about dangerous stereotypes.
Ok so, Racism basically means that you believe a race is less meaningful then another race. So let's all agree thay say spitting on a black person is racist. Now what I did in that "rant" was actually called "Dangerous Stereotyping". Basically that's the stereotypes to races that are dangerous, so as an example saying "All Mexicans are druggies" is a Dangerous stereotype, Same with saying "All black people are in gangs". You get it by now. So your attempting to call me racist simply because I acknowledge these Dangerous stereotypes in a "rant"? Last I checked racism was you believing a race is lesser than yours. I'm saying that I'm obviously not a fucking racist. If you believe I'd for example spit on a black guy simply because he's black then I applaud your stupidity. All I did was acknowledge Harmful stereotypes and use them in a "rant". That's like saying I'm racist because I said Black people have bigger dicks then White men. Is it true? No. But am I racist for saying something that's obviously not fact? No. The difference between this and racism is that I genuinely don't believe these stereotypes are true because well their fucking stereotypes. All I'm doing is acknowledging their existence and making a "rant" involving them to make my "rant" look more racist. Basically I'm saying that I'm not an actual Racist.
Q: I don't believe this story at all, Your just covering your ass because you legitimately got exposed.
A: And your 100% valid for believing that. If I cannot convince you that this is a hoax then so be it, But this is indeed just an elaborate prank (as much as that's a fucking meme).
So that was my Official response to this fake drama. I loved writing this essay and uh yeah. Fortnite balls.
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2022.01.17 13:41 romain34230 Actualité : Renault sera 100 % électrique en Europe d’ici à 2030

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2022.01.17 13:41 DarthLegitName What are some games I can play without my useless left hand?

Broke my pinky at a friend's and I am now bored. They gave me a full hand cast for some reason. Help
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