I Mute DraftKings

2021.12.08 11:58 activatemutebutton I Mute DraftKings

Really pleased that every DraftKings commercial begins with the guitar lick. It gives me ample time to hit the mute button! They should take a cue from Caesar's. Those commercials are actually funny.
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2021.12.08 11:58 RamenBoyOfficial You teach students that are (sometimes) older than you and a war ensues

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$TOMZ POSSIBLE MAKE OR BREAK MOVE TODAY ! SSR ON 19% FF SHORTED Hey everyone, so I posted two DDs on different subreddits since the beginning of this week.
The stock has been targeted by HEAVY shortselling since then. Shorted ration of FF is going through the roof and so is CTB%

ORTEX Data 12/01/21

ORTEX Data 12/03/21

Ortex Data 12/06/21

Ortex Data 12/07/21

Should be on SSR according to shortablestocks

Damn short sellers trying to destroy everything they touch.....
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2021.12.08 11:58 ichikhunt Clarification of ps4 version performance on ps5

Does playing the ps4 version on ps5 atleast offer 60fps? There seems to be no info on this. Not too fussed about 4k, but 60fps should be a minimum.
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2021.12.08 11:58 Azazello_666 Спиральная галактика в созвездии Тукана

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2021.12.08 11:58 Hash_99 Stay frosty ❄️

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2021.12.08 11:58 birmanezul Self aware wolf

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2021.12.08 11:58 sammag05 How do kids survive?

I'm a dad. One 13 yo boy and 3 girls under 5 yr old. At a restaurant the other day. My middle daughter, runs from our table, goes to the ice cream machine, and starts eating the ice cream from the overflow/ drain catch. They are constantly eating/drinking/touching things that are completely and utterly disgusting bacteria filled objects.
How kids survive us amazing to me. Anyone else have kids like this?
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2021.12.08 11:58 Tanbelia Light Blue Abstract Wall Artwork calls 'Warming', check out super new artwork in my Etsy shop.

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2021.12.08 11:58 quentinwilliams42 What’s the smallest country you built up?

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2021.12.08 11:58 Jworth1327 tickers not updating

hey, is there a different setting or a way to refresh the software. Ive closed and reopened the program and charts and nothing is helping.. im watching a ticker on 2 different platforms and the TV platform isnt updating with price and charts.
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2021.12.08 11:58 pigfeedmauer Why do they call it a goose suit?

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2021.12.08 11:58 batgod221 How do you handle the “based on your performance” comment during the salary negotiation?

When I ask for a better package, the HR immediately replies with the “based on your performance in the interview this is the range we can offer” line. This immediately puts me in the defence requiring me to justify. I feel maybe it’s true, that I didn’t perform that well. Is this a tactic? How should I handle this?
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2021.12.08 11:58 FedoraSkeleton I was left disappointed by "The Sword of Shannara." However, "Elfstones" pleasantly surprised me (and I heavily recommend it!)

What can be said that hasn't been said about "The Sword of Shannara?" It's blatantly a clone of LotR, ots characters are weakly written, it fumbles its exposition harder than any other book I've read, and it very nearly bored me to sleep in certain parts. The book tried to pull off THREE fakeout deaths, all of which were obvious. Needless to say, the book disappointed and frustrated me by the end. And with it finished, I picked up "The Elfstones of Shannara," expecting another slog that I probably wouldn't even finish...
...And what I got instead was a gripping adventure, filled with likable characters that actually HAD character, and a plethora of emotional moments that brought the whole package together. The level of quality was so different, I was shocked that these two books were written by the same author. Are there still some issues? Sure. The exposition is still a little clunky (although it's leagues better than it was in "Sword"), the Dagda Mor left a bit to be desired, and the Roma stereotypes that were so common of this time period are unfortunate. But those are small gripes with an otherwise excellent fantasy novel. Seriously, if you gave up the series because of "Sword," give this book another shot, I'm positive you will find something to like about it.
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2021.12.08 11:58 Sektrif Is there a Reddit page for me to post before/after pics of my paintjobs (I ndoor/exterior) and such I do for clients with like minded workers?

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2021.12.08 11:58 Medical_Print7896 Audio technica lp-60 skipping

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2021.12.08 11:58 30_or_so First Marathon (solo'd)

When: A random wet Tuesday
Goals: Finish
Time 4:22:56
Strava link incase you're intrested https://strava.app.link/dLGoMMUYOlb
Tldr I didn't follow a plan and probably should have. I enjoyed it though.
Background: Another covid runner. Prior to covid and lock downs I've essentially been a gym rat for the last 10 years. My comfortable place is 1-3 rep sets of squats, bench and deadlifts. A set of ten reps on a compound lift was horrific to me and the thought of running more than a few hundred meters at a time, a bit laughable. I saw no real benefit to running and essentially started to run because I was really bad at it.
The plan: I'm not recommending this but there was no plan per say. I was however aware of easy running, taking in fuel and fluid while running and had hit a variety of long runs peaking at 30km a few weeks before.
I had planned to fit the marathon in closer to Christmas but after I missed a few runs because of life I figured now was as good a time as any.
On the day - Woke up around 7am and took the dog and baby for a walk with my wife. I was eating wine gums already and sipping some electrolyte tablet drink after a cup of coffee. As my wife went to work my parents came down for their grandparent / grandchild day of the week and I started prepping my kit.
I took 1.5 litres of a carb electrolyte mix in a camel pack type bladder, 300ml of plain water, some gummy worms and 3* 200mg tabs of caffeine.
The Route : The route wasn't great. I live near a village in some hills which means everything starts and finishes with some kind of hill. I considered driving to somewhere a bit flatter but I'm used to running hills and see them as somewhat character building.
Other wise there is somewhat limited pavement so my route was basically an out and back with a small bit of variation on the way home.
Miles 1-10 I started 'easy' I was in two minds about of I should push the start to allow myself to shoot for a time but managed to get myself out of the idea. The run opened with a brief up hilly but followed by some downhill to the village, I tried to take the downhill super easy as to not wreck my legs and upon getting to the flat main road just tried to enjoy myself. It was cold enough that I was trying to remind myself to keep taking in fluid as well as stuffing in the sweets every mile or so.
Miles 10-13 Now it feels like a long run. No one knows I'm trying to hit a marathon today so I could just not. But I did eat a bag of bagels over the last few days and some sugary sweets so I could do with not just writing that off as stuffing my face..
Mile 13 The rain begins. And it's not playing. We've had a fair bit of wet weather recently and wind is up. I keep telling myself that on the way back it'll be a tail wind but everytime it blows I feel like I'm running into it. Here I take 1 caffeine tablet and soon regret it with a stitch. I know it'll be absorbed soon though and will help in the long run (pun not intended).
Mile 19 Up till now I've just been winding the distance back in on what is a fairly flat portion of my route but now the hills begin. Although I've bagged up everything against the rain my phone is so wet the screen barely recognises input, somehow I switch from listening to the excellent hardcore history episode to a little bit of Goggins. Now the climb and decent begins and I'm in new territory, I've never run this far. Now I'm committed to the marathon. I actually start getting a bit excited about potentially 'bonking' / 'hitting the wall' and whatever else fun 20 miles holds. This is also the moment when I leave footpaths and I'm just running up country lanes through wooded areas. Onwards.
Mile 20 My headphones die. I'm using cheap 'True wireless' in ears that I've had for years and the batteries have had enough. I almost enjoy the fact that I'm on my own now. I'm doing this for me and I'm going to enjoy it distraction free.
Mile 22 Before I was a runner I thought up hills suck. Slowly I learnt that down hills are the killer. I drink my plain water now, after nothing but carbs for 3 hours it tastes incredible. The next mile is crushing on my legs.
Mile 23 Just 3 more miles. I will not be beaten by 3 miles. I end up on a bit of road a bit busier than planned, cars are zooming past and there's a lot of water on the road and in the air, suck it up and enjoy it. For however long I keep saying out loud to myself '3 fKing Miles, you will not be beaten by 3 fKing miles'. I remember there being tears at some point although brief and to be honest it's raining enough that I can just blame it on that.
Mile 24 I didn't know the road I lived on was this long. Home stretch and a new lease of life. At some point I try to check maps on my phone to see of I'll even get to 26 miles before I get home, I can't imagine the direction I'd choose to run if I need another mile. Phone is too wet, no joy. No signal either. I'm getting this done though.
Mile 26 And I'm back to early. Time to run up and down the little driveway / Lane till I tick over to 26.2 anddd done.
My legs hurt in so many places. Walking doesn't seem much better than running (although the last few miles were more of a shuffle run) I get indoors and drink water and more water. My folks are just putting my daughter down for a nap so I give her a kiss and head for the bath tub.
Last night was pretty horrendous, my little girl decided not to sleep until about 4am which is really unlike her. One of my knees is in a sleeve because its a bit tender but otherwise I feel pretty good.
If I ever do this again I'm following a training plan.
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2021.12.08 11:58 bs-brasil_drama Neste tópico; a culpa de alguém de esquerda

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2021.12.08 11:58 7amo_nihad Clouds

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2021.12.08 11:58 UrbanismInEgypt Per capita Energy consumption in Transportation vs Population Density, with Cairo on the bottom right corner (via TheDailyShot)

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2021.12.08 11:58 Chasp12 Cotton is King

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2021.12.08 11:58 Smilefriend Chernobyl: Nuova tecnologia potrebbe decontaminare la radioattività in cinque anni invece di 24 mila anni

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2021.12.08 11:58 mcgoldp2 Has anyone ever come out and explained why free NHS tests aren't accepted for travel into Ireland for the UK.

I can't get my head around it at all. Are they not the exact same testing technology?
Has Tony H or anyone in authority went on record to explain why you need to pay an extra 50-100 quid to travel to Ireland from the UK?
Fwiw, I do think people should test themselves before going anywhere while the new variant is growing, vaccinated or not. But I just can't see why NHS tests aren't accepted when the whole idea is to test as many people as possible.
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2021.12.08 11:58 uardito Cuba's COVID vaccines: the limited data available suggests they're highly effective

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2021.12.08 11:58 Mhadev008 A very interesting and great project.

A genuine project good ratings and in my opinion it is reasonable to join this project, because I saw they have future development. A clear and impressive concept
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