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2021.12.08 12:23 True_Snomunnist How nice… oh wait

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2021.12.08 12:23 Double-Star-Tedrick Difficulty getting my players to DO anything

So I'm relatively new to the DM role, but I've been committed to reading as much as possible about general advice, adjudication, interesting ideas to try, etc. etc. I love this subreddit for that reason, and have even commented a few times.
ANYWAY, the TL;DR is that at my primary table, I'll present a scenario, and nobody DOES anything. Literally will not do or say anything unless prompted multiple times, and it makes exploration so slow, and what I feel should be simple challenges so drawn out.
Longer version ; we've been in a castle/mansion owned by a noble lady well established as practiced in Illusion magic, and it's literally been spilled that she just enjoys watching people struggle through the traps / creatures in her house. Think of older Resident Evil games, "you have to find the heart key to open a secret door, then do a chess puzzle" nonsense (only, nothing at ALL as complex). The current party mission is to find her, and kinda-sorta arrest her. My group also KNOWS (...'cause I said it) that I enjoy puzzles and riddles, but believe in ease-of-play over any sort of hardcore deduction.
We've been in this house for WEEKS, man. Our session yesterday was very frustrating for me because they've done some of these challenges, collected these keys that allow them to enter a few paintings in one wing of the house, which is where the end of the dungeon will be.
I already plan to discuss things with them next week to re-assess what they actually find most enjoyable in-game, I know not everyone is into riddles / puzzles and such, and it's foolhardy to ty and really change someone's taste on that front. I know how to end this dungeon next week, as well, and basically fast-forward them past this hurdle (I couldn't formulate it at the table, but it came to me, like, IMMEDIATELY on the car ride home)
BUT it's a longstanding pattern that's frustrating to plan for. My design philosophy for puzzles / riddles / environments is that while I have a "perfect solution" in mind that will definitely succeed, I allow any realistic attempt to work. For several segments, the "solution" was "literally whatever they do, will work", but the party will either :

  1. Enter a situation, have one or two key elements described, and just literally not do anything, or
  2. Find a puzzle, discuss it for 10 minutes (a discussion that will INCLUDE like 3-4 interesting, creative things I'd allow to work, FYI), and noone ever actually decides to TRY ANY of the things they discussed
And I'm not talking high-reasoning puzzles, like, "figure out this anagram" or "let's solve the 8 queens problem" (both of which I would LOVE as a player, myself, but understand they're too demanding for what most people want in a game), I'm talking "what has 4 legs in the morning..." where I'll accept any reasoned response besides the classical one, if someone indicates the attempt.
Could I have someone roll INT and consequently say "well, you just solve this and the next door opens" and you all move along, but that's just so damn ... boring ...
The group is very risk-averse, and I get the impression that noone wants to look foolish by attempting a plan that doesn't feel like the "clearly, obviously perfect solution the DM has in mind", and therefore might have consequences for failure, but the end result is the PC's just stand about, doing nothing at all. I can tell they're growing fatigued, so I'll just end this area quickly because I also want to move on ...
... and I LOVE combat, actually, and we've done some in this location to spice the pace up, but I can't imagine enjoying intense hand-holding through every non-combat challenge, moving forward.
There's something here I'm not getting right, obviously! All thoughts appreciated.
(side note, I see why it's so hard to write a BRIEF "need advice" post on here, lmao, whoops)
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2021.12.08 12:23 brunicus Did Terry Silver do something more we don't know about to give Cobra Kai a lifetime ban?

Going through season 1 again, Johnny is appealing the ban and a female board member asked him about Terry. She could have asked about Kreese, but she focuses on Terry. Daniel brings up Kreese, who is said to be dead. So did the board members think that also so the lady focused on Terry or did he maybe do something to encourage the ban we have not seen?
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2021.12.08 12:23 Douhuahri Discussion Ahri’s rework before Ahri-versary (Final Version 2nd published)

Hello everyone! After a period of serious inquiries and thoughts, here comes the final ideas of Ahri's rework (in Italic bold).

First of all, let's relive the background story of Ahri:

Innately connected to the magic of the spirit realm, Ahri is a mysterious fox-like vastaya in search of her place in the world. Having become a somewhat reluctant and empathetic predator since entering mortal society, she prefers to manipulate her prey's emotions before partaking of their life essence—receiving flashes of memory and insight from each soul she consumes.

This story gave me two very important revelations:
Ahri consumes enemy’s life essence (soul) and receive their memory. Ahri is an empathetic predator, which means that deep down in her heart, there is a kindness.

Based on the 1st point, an new effect would be added to Ahri’s passive:
PASSIVE | Essence Theft
Whenever take down un enemy champion, Ahri devour their life essence and obtain their memories. Every life essence collected will give Ahri 3 AP permanent. Every third collected life essence will give 3 times the bonus effect.
Rq. Why use 3 as the unit? Because Ahri is a nine-tailed fox, and 3 is the least common divisor of 9. (The 5 in the original passive is abrupt). Such a change not only conforms to Ahri's background settings, but also improves a bit her lack of damage due to the low AP ratio. Inspired by Veigar's/Swain's/Senna's/Thresh's/ Kindred's passive. Also inspired by Ahri's background story. 

Next, the most important part. Based on the new passive, Ahri’s R skills would be added some new effects. Let's see the result directly:

R | Spirit Rush
R skill’s passive: Ahri now can annihilate 3 life essences collected to upgrade a period of R skills, but the kindness in Ahri’s heart only allows her to use up to 9 life essences for upgrading her R skills into spirit state: R1 spiritual (Requires 3 life essences): Ahri gains bonus movement speed that decays over 3 second after releasing R1; R2 spiritual (Requires 3 life essences): Ahri is ghosted for 3 second after releasing R2, the effect of R1 can be refreshed; R3 spiritual (Requires 3 life essences): Ahri is untargetable while releasing R3.
Rq. Inspired by Kai'Sa's/Kha'Zix's/Victor's skill upgrade mechanism, also inspired by Janna's W/Camille's R /Gwen's W skill etc. Besides, inspired by the name of this skill and the skin of Spirit Blossom Ahri. 

The new passive of Ahri’s R skill perfectly interprets its name: Spirit Rush, we can see how Ahri transforms into the spiritual state step by step. Of course, this is based on enough enemy champions takedown by Ahri (so only target enemy champion for her R skill). In order to help Ahri achieve this goal as soon as possible, a little more help would be given for Ahri:

Q | Orb of Deception
If the orb hits an enemy champion, it gains an acceleration bonus effect when returning (this acceleration bonus effect increases with the Q level). The bonus value of this acceleration decreases as the number of enemy heroes hit increases until reach the maximum. The maximum bonus value is X and the minimum is X.
Rq. This is to increase the Q2's hit rate against enemy champions, also makes the orb more spiritual like Ahri. Inspired by Akshan's Q skill and Seraphine's R skill: increase the distance by hitting enemy (/champion), also inspired by Vex's Q: variable ballistic speed. 

W | Fox-Fire
Subsequent flames on a single target deal 50% then 25% damage; Flames prioritize enemy champions hit by, then enemy , then minions that would die to Fox-Fire's damage, and then the target of Ahri's last basic attack within 3 seconds.
Rq. Everyone feels that Ahri lacks damage, so a equivalent of 15% AP enhancement for her W skill should not be too overpowered. 

E | Charm
Hitting an enemy champion return 15% total cooldown and 20% mana cost of Charm; An enemy hit by Charm is rendered vulnerable for 3 seconds, taking 20% bonus damage from Ahri's abilities, including the Charm that triggered it.
Rq. In order to allow Ahri to have a better performance in team battles, a return mechanism is now introduced. However, the premise is that the player should accurately charm the enemy champion. Inspired by Ezreal's Q/Thresh's Q/Katarina's E/Diana's E/Dr.Mundo's Q etc. 

This year is the 10th year that Ahri came to the League of Legends. From being popular to being left out, Ahri has never appeared in the World Championships again in recent years (except in the BP interface of FNC's Adam in World 2021 for showing). Because her relatively outdated skill mechanism has gradually been unable to keep up with the pace of other champions, she is even mocked as a kite mage/unstable cc bot/auto attack mage/daughter of the Tower. So Ahri begins to absorb the advantages of other champions eagerly to make herself stronger, hoping to return to where she should be: an real assassin mage with high mobility, enough damage, and teamwork ability.

P.S. I forgot to post the picture last time, so I published it again this time. Thanks for understanding! Thanks to my friends who have helped me, I finally finished the idea of Ahri’s rework. Under the precondition of retaining Ahri’s core gameplay experience, slightly enhanced Ahri's lane ability in the early game, and give Ahri more possibilities in the Mid-late stage. How do you think of this version of Ahri’s rework? Please leave your suggestions & comments below for discussing^^.
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2021.12.08 12:23 LuggageMoose WoW Rehgar inspired bugbear.

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2021.12.08 12:23 skywalker1942 I5-12600k thread problem

Hello, just received my i5-12600k. Tried cpu-z and i'm doing ok in single thread but way below for multi thread (only 8T detected and the other test are 16T). What's the problem here? https://valid.x86.fbench/uttnt0/16
I got a z690 UD ddr4.
Thanks you!
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2021.12.08 12:23 Pbspicehead Friendship

My very good special friend Iconina has visited me thrice this week. She has a sturdy, upright body and long straw-like hair. She is very real. Her crotch rot is severe so please wish her well as she may need to return to the mental and vaginal health clinic in the near future
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2021.12.08 12:23 procryptoclass 87% of Bitcoin Holders Also Own Other Digital Currencies – Grayscale Research

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2021.12.08 12:23 post-news Soviet Banking Nominee Too Radical Even for Dems

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2021.12.08 12:23 Sudden-General427 Fotasa con Messi pa

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2021.12.08 12:23 ddmcghee Is Bernardo Silva Rttk due another upgrade?

As title says. Should his card move to 90?
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2021.12.08 12:23 CelebBattleVoteBot Vanessa Hudgens vs Yanet Garcia

View Poll
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2021.12.08 12:23 Master_Manuel DM if you need help with Math or stats on any platform: ALEKS, PEARSON, CENGAGE, MYLABMATH or pdf format. My discord is Master_Manuel#4841

I work at any time so you can DM me at any time
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2021.12.08 12:23 Ok-Effort3594 join our support group for international students!

Hi everyone! I am part of a team that is building a community of current, former, and prospective international students who will guide and support each other through the processes of applying to and studying abroad. To register to join the group just fill out the short questions in the form below with your number to be added by an admin to the WhatsApp group.
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2021.12.08 12:23 rahandshaho Free animal masks

Anyone got free animal mask templates? Any animal works, or a website of free papercraft templates
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2021.12.08 12:23 OkFace1071 Wer versklavt und foltert mich hart als Nona oder jmd anderes? Mache alles

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2021.12.08 12:23 DatDankDogeBoi I did a funny

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2021.12.08 12:23 synoon I cannot understand how people can like the newer seasons of money heist on netflix

I mean there are so many really really basic physics faults - that it's just no fun for me anymore. I mean a whole truck filled with gold bars??? That thing couldn't move at all. But they did the whole water pipe thing exactly cause of heavy weight of gold. And the whole backstory thing I'm continuesly skipping. (But thats probably just cause I'm annoyed of the other stuff)
The whole thing is totally overhyped in my eyes.
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2021.12.08 12:23 noehrifnfjr Curly hair salons recommendation

Looking for hair salons that have hairdressers who are actually able to cut female curly hair nicely. I know many people have asked this question I did a search however most of the post seems to be for males or the others are like 1 year ago. Please help really want to have nice hair
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2021.12.08 12:23 goldcakes Small FE lens with fast AF AND short min focal distance?

I currently have two lens for my A7S3:

What I'm looking for:
I would appreciate any recommendations:
  1. Should I try my luck with the Tamrom 35mm (15cm) or even the 24mm at an even more impressive 12cm? Are the auto-focus good on that one (better than my Tamrom 28-75mm?)
  2. Do you have any other recommendations for FE lens that are small/short, and have a low min focus distance, and fast AF?
Thanks so much :)
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2021.12.08 12:23 dispatchdcu Hellions #18 Review - out now!

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2021.12.08 12:23 Dramatic-Sir4823 Does it ‘mean anything’ when a positive shows up immediately after being saturated? (16 dpo)

I’ve taken tens and tens of FRERs and some of which have been positive (all chemicals though unfortunately). I always check the urine is saturating the test window then cover it immediately, then check the results a couple of minutes later.
Anyway, I did a test 2 days ago and the positive line started showing as soon as it was saturated and before I’d even covered it over (the test is on my post history, if you’re interested). I’ve never had this before when I’ve had a positive.
I just wondered if anyone knew if this meant anything. Do higher HCG levels show up a positive quicker etc.?
OTD (with a HPT just unfortunately) is tomorrow, so we will see!
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2021.12.08 12:23 Lucy_9243 Please help

When I try to login In 3 Nov it said error then I check in mihoyo website after that I notice the email changed I send email to recovery account I got from I give information in the same form I add more information s and got form from my other account that was before but I notice that in 9 nov the one that i give honaki impact sea information and the other one 9 nov I give genshin sea informations Today email for please to recover my account I'm sick of being alone I got shocked and I have disorder I chat the hacker but no respond untill now i still hope but sick same time.
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2021.12.08 12:23 nickmeyer99 Anyone have any luck with the hoodies? I had it in my cart with all the info ready to by 10:02 est… the site said “not accepting payments at this time.” I refreshed… sold out. RIP still had time to go back and cop 2 tees and the mockneck

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2021.12.08 12:23 us3vac Guys I'm a DIY musician from Moldova (a post soviet country), I would like to hear some feedback on my music guys :)

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