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Thank you Respawn very cool

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2021.12.08 13:17 theowuriwufoa Plaid skirt (iktr)

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2021.12.08 13:17 Top_Location Building their online community network for skilled trades ✅$PBYA✅ they got a section for job postings, they have their own implemented video chat feature this is huge 💥🤯 🚀🚀

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2021.12.08 13:17 No_Worldliness2464 [H] Ex tb ember flame [W] 5 tb arcs value

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2021.12.08 13:17 measter02 Did I pick a shitty monitor?

I recently posted a thread on this subreddit asking if it was worth it to upgrade from a 1440p 165hz monitor to a 1440p 240hz monitor and mentioned that I currently own a Pixio PX329 as my main monitor.
One of the guys commented on my post saying that I shouldn't upgrade the refreshrate but insted just get a better quality 1440p 165hz monitor because the one I have sucks.
This was my first gaming monitor and I really didn't know much at the time of buying it, but I bought it directly off Pixio's website for $300 which at the time I thought was a good deal.
Any suggestions on if I should keep my monitor or buy a new one and sell my Pixio PX329?
I also wanna stay in my budget of no more than $400 and I know that 1440p 240hz monitors are very expensive so ill just stick with 1440p 165hz monitors right now, perferably 27"-32" in size.
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2021.12.08 13:17 Matches_Malone108 Let’s play at 10 am pst, bois

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2021.12.08 13:17 hivemind5_ MDD ruined my spotify wrapped.

So, im one of those people who likes to imagine myself as a famous or aspiring musician when i dream. I also use music i wouldnt usually listen to for other artists because for some reason i find it immersive and cinematic. Like half of the stuff i say “ruined it” is just shit i wouldnt listen to on an ordinary day, like 2000s-2010s lady gaga. (I would die to have her voice.) can anyone relate?
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2021.12.08 13:17 greyishpurple I made a booboo - persistent negative effects

Somehow, after designing this first game of mine while constantly listening to Ludology episodes and reading Geoff Engelstein, I designed a game with persistent negative effects as a central mechanic.
Basically there's a track (something like Horrified's fear track) and as players do enough things to attract the enemy NPC's attention, the track advances and the enemy gets more threatening. This shifts the mechanics of the NPC as well.
I haven't quite playtested enough to see whether this gets forgotten about or confusing, but was wondering whether any of you had ideas for me.
Can anyone think of games that pull this off successfully? Any advice for implementing this gracefully?
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2021.12.08 13:17 Cats__Rulez 🙊🙉🙈😼

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2021.12.08 13:17 Spice_King_of_Qarth Peter Paul Rubens - The Prodigal Son (1618)

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2021.12.08 13:17 Jumping126 Ranking all Tally Hall album songs and Hawaii Part II songs Part II

  1. Dream Sweet in Sea Major.
While I do like most of the parts in this song, it all ends up a little short for me. If I'm listening to the whole 7 minutes, it starts to feel a little like I'm waiting for a part that never comes. Even the ending feels more like the beginning of a different (probably better) song.
I still do like most of this song, though; I especially like the use of Introduction to the Snow as the intro. IttS already feels like the beginning of a song, so using it here again is a good choice.
Rating: 7.25/10.

  1. Misery Fell
I think the highlight of Misery Fell is its storytelling. I can really picture the town and story being talked/told about in the song.
My problem with the song, is that there's no part I get really into. I'm kind of bobbing my head throughout, but there's no part that I particularly look forwards too. It's good, but it needs just a little more for me; the main rhythm isn't quite good enough to listen to for 3:30. By about the two minute mark, I've pretty much already heard everything the songs got, and I don't like it enough to feel like I should keep listening. Rating: 7.25/10.

  1. Out in the Twilight.
A decent Rob Cantor song. It's got a good chorus, some nice lighter parts, and actually a bit of a different theme to most of Rob's songs. It's much more a Good and Evil Rob Cantor than a Marvin's Rob Cantor. But if I'm going to listen to a Good and Evil Rob Cantor song with this sort of feeling, I'm probably just going to listen to Never Meant to Know. Rating: 7.50/10.

26 White Ball.
I'm not a huge fan of some of the music in White Ball, but it absolutely has some beautiful sections. Rating: 7.50/10

  1. 宇宙ステーションのレベル7.
それは良いリスニングです. 素晴らしいエンディングクレジットの曲のように聞こえます .これがひどくうまく翻訳されていない場合は申し訳ありません; 私は実際に日本語を書きません. Rating: 7.50/10.

24 Be Born.
Of course, every album around this time (and even now, and in the more distant past some as well) has got to have the obligatory song about a baby's birth. I do think this type of song is overdone, but Rob is able to bring enough life to it that I like it quite a bit.
Alright, I'm joking about this being some sort of commonly written about subject for songs; this is a weird song about a baby being born. But seriously, I do like it! I don't dislike country, so I find this song very enjoyable. And it's cute! I can't help but smile a little listening to Be Born. Rating: 7.50/10

  1. Stranded Lullaby.
It goes on a little long, but Stranded Lullaby is pretty enough that it works. Rating: 7.75/10.

  1. Banana Man.
For centuries historians, philosophers, scientists, doctors, world leaders, and so many more have worked to decode the meaning of this ancient hymn. Is it about drugs? Corporatism? The meaning of life itself? Or perhaps it is a song about nothing at all? There are so many answers, and even more questions.
But I am here to tell you that I know. I know what this song is about, and it is an answer that only the greatest, and yet somehow, the simplest minds could imagine. Banana Man's, message is simply: you should Banana, all the time. Rating: 7.75/10.

  1. The Mind Electric.
I don't generally like it when audio is reversed; it's kind of cheap to me. If you want to make something a little more mysterious, just reverse it! It's just an easy way to make something a little harder to understand. To really appreciate this song, I've got to go listen to someone else's video. That's dumb.
However, if I put aside my little grudge, this song has some really good aspects. Many of these lyrics are genuinely a bit horrifying. The first time I heard this song while really paying attention to the lyrics it freaked me out some. And every time the serfs work the ground, oh boy! that part is nice!
But I don't think the opening is great, and there's some weaker bits in the second part, so I won't put it too high. Still, it's a very good song. Rating: 7.75/10.

  1. You & Me.
It's a good song. I don't know what else to say. Rating; 7.75/10.

  1. The Trap.
I really like the first 2 minutes of this song, after that I still like it, but the final part is just alright, not nearly as good as the first part, and not as good as the middle, either.
I'm still a big fan of the beginning, though, and the song does work as a whole. While I'm not much of a fan of the end, the middle does a wonderful job at connecting everything and making the song feel complete. I don't think it would work as well with only the beginning, I just wish that I liked what comes after the 3 minute mark. Rating: 8/10.

  1. &.
Excellent last section, & great beginning. & the & format gets a little repetitive, & the more diverse lyrics in between those parts do help. & it ends a little abruptly, & I do think it kind of works for the song, & I love the last part so much that it is still a little disappointing.
This was a stupid way to write this, & I regret it immensely. Rating: 8/10.

  1. Sacred Beast.
I've heard a few interpretations of this song, but I've always heard it as followers of this "Sacred Beast" singing about serving it and dying for it. Maybe some sort of insect colony; that's what the sort of strange vocals give me thoughts of.
And this song is just such a good tune. This is one of the Tally Hall songs I get into the most as I'm listening, and it's fairly short length makes most all the parts of the song new. It never feels repetitive. Rating: 8/10.

  1. Fate of the Stars.
Even though there's a middle part without any vocals that I think goes on too long, and the end isn't as good as the start, Fate of the Stars is Tally Hall's final album song, and it has the presence required to be a worthy finale. Rating: 8/10.

  1. Just Apathy.
When I first listened to this song I was a bit "apathetic" on it, ha ha ha ha. I did like it, but compared to other songs on Marvin's, it does feel a little... generic? I guess, and not that it's so bad for a song to be generic, but as I've listened to it more, I've come to appreciate it quite a lot.
It's slower pace and kind of sad sounding parts are a nice contrast to to how a lot of the album is. I sometimes go onto this song just to listen to the opening. I love the opening and ending.
And shoutout to Just Apathy 2005. I'm more a fan of all the 2008 versions than the 2005 versions, but if I had one that I liked more than the full release, it would be this one. There's some parts in the 2005 version that should've been in the 2008 one. Rating: 8/10.
14 Isle Unto Thyself
This songs fast pace is a curse and a blessing. On one hand, I mean, it's just a really good unique song (although unique could be said about pretty much everything on HPII), and the fast pace gets me pretty hyped up, which is good for a quasi opening song like this, too.
But on the other hand, I do get a little tired of it on repeat listens. I don't think I've listened to it quite as much as a lot of the other songs in this area; the drums just banging away in the background pretty much the whole time gets a little grating. And I was going to put this one a bit higher, but I've realized that the fast pace was, again a little and for me, covering up how I'm not too big on some of this song.
But besides those not massive complaints, this is still a really good song, and I love every time Joe's vocals come in for the first time. This may also be my favorite HPII song lyrically, it strikes a nice balance between I'm not really sure what's going on, while still having a vague connection to the lyrics and sort of understanding what he's talking about. Rating: 8/10.

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2021.12.08 13:17 Fzchloe 【Real-Life Recipe】"Sakura Tempura" in Real Life

The batter is thin and sheer, like a set of luxurious clothes over the ingredients. The outside crispness and freshness within form amazing layers of texture leading those who eat it to marvel at just how this delicacy was created.

Hello everyone! Today I made the dish \"Sakura Tempura\" in real life.
argentine red shrimp (8pc, 2/serving)
purple sweet potato (1)
lime (1)
low-gluten flour (80g)
tempura powder (80g)
small egg (1)
ice cubes (130g)


  1. Shell the shrimp, leave the tail
  2. Make a few shallow cuts on the underside of the shrimp, flip over, belly down, squeeze gently to break the fiber. The shrimp tempura will be straight and upright
  3. The tail spines of wild shrimp are hard and can be cut to avoid injury

  1. Beat the egg, add crushed ice cubes to the egg
  2. Sift in tempura powder and mix into a thick liquid. If there is no ready-made tempura powder, you can also use low-gluten flour or wheat starch. The ice is used to lower the temperature of the tempura batter, and it will be more crispy when deep-fried at a high

Processing img 42fndjs4fc481...
  1. Heat the oil to 180°C
  2. Test the temperature using chopsticks, you can see dense bubbles. You can also sprinkle a few drops of batter. If it expands quickly and floats, the correct oil temperature has been reached.
  3. Coat shrimps with low-gluten flour and batter, then put them into the pot.
  4. Remove after about a minute. Generally, you can fry about 3-4 at a time. Too many will make the tempura stick together and lower the oil temperature.
  5. Fry sweet potato the same way.
  6. Sweet potato does not cook through easily. After the batter has been set, lower the temperature to 150°C.

Making dipping sauce
bonito flakes (10g)
soy sauce (30ml)
mirin (30ml)
  1. Pour 120ml water into the pot. Add bonito flakes.
  2. After bringing it to a boil, turn to low heat and continue to heat for 1 minute before removing
  3. Filter the broth through filter paper
  4. Pour mirin and soy sauce into the broth, boil, pour into a bowl, and set aside.


Thank you for reading~!
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2021.12.08 13:17 jerhen11 Is Trout the most demanded card in history?

First full year DD player. Has there ever been a card with 3000+ buy orders at a million stubs? If so, who? And how many people were in line to get him?
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2021.12.08 13:17 REBq8 Probably from a couple shots to those abs

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2021.12.08 13:17 JDT118 First pic is from 2018 Walmart leaks, the second pic I just found today.

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2021.12.08 13:17 eieiross [SELLING] character illustration, prices at the end.

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2021.12.08 13:17 Your_Saddle_Buddy Is anyone else having a problem with their posts not appearing on the subreddit?

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2021.12.08 13:17 TeeDee1120 Curious if BB's shares were a part of this?

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2021.12.08 13:17 ndbm10 Online friend help - Seriously answers only please

I made a friend through an online game, now he’s ghosting me because apparently he’s in love with me?
I had only met him just like a month ago, but we became fast friends, joking with each other and playing together online. He would flirt sometimes and I just brushed it off as joking and I would joke back. I had openly told him I was in a relationship(7 years) and at first, it didn’t seem like it bothered him. Everything seemed fine, we would talk a lot throughout the game. My bf knew I would play this game a lot and I told him about some of the online friends I would make…There was an incident recently where I kind of freaked out one night and had a panic attack, so needless to say, I was not online. I guess it scared him, thinking he did something wrong, which he didn’t. But then when we were talking the other day,(on discord) everything just came out and he said he “fell in love with the wrong person” and he could only confess that since he wanted to ghost me and respect my relationship. Which on one hand, I understand completely and thankful for that respect. He then unfriended me or w/e and said, “if u ever wanna date I'll accept the friend request. good bye for now from ur idiot falling in love kid.”
But it’s still eating me up cuz I’m losing a friend over this and I just feel bad. I feel like I am overreacting because we only knew each other a little while but I could talk to this guy about anything and just feel upset about it. Help if you can or any advice at all. Or just tell me to get over it. 😅
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2021.12.08 13:17 Top_Location $0.02 EPS Expected for Limelight Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:LLNW) This Quarter

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