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abro hilo de cosas que nunca pueden faltar en una colonia Whitexican

2021.10.18 19:23 Gael1756 abro hilo de cosas que nunca pueden faltar en una colonia Whitexican

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2021.10.18 19:23 Maleficara Cardania Lore

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2021.10.18 19:23 attadt Is it worth sealing sea walls?

Would putting a sealer on sea walls have any benefits? Help with erosion? Help keep water out from freezing during winter months?
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2021.10.18 19:23 Greekcitytimes October 18, 1009: Al-Hakim Bi-Amr Allah Orders The Destruction Of The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre

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2021.10.18 19:23 HandsomestBoy 13 SLICES OF HALLOWEEN: Friday the 13th for NES!

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2021.10.18 19:23 Nacho_-- Black Works Studio Hyena

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2021.10.18 19:23 TheSmallGate Focaccia Bread: The Perfect Recipe

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2021.10.18 19:23 Cozy_NorthernLights Okay.. here goes nothing.

Alright ladies.. I didn’t wanna be the one, but I really need some opinions and experiences here. I went to my second OB appointment and was offered the flu vaccine, to which I accepted because I have every year since I was a child myself and millions of women give bith to healthy babies regardless of it. Well, my OB had pushed the idea of the covid vaccine as well.. and without starting any sort of “everyone 100% needs it or I want medical freedoms” political discussions, I need some advice.. I worry about getting the vaccine while my baby is so little (18.5 wks) still without knowing the side effects of how it could alter anything with him. I know it was pushed earlier than a typical vaccine but I’m pretty for science.. I just worry about a brand new kind of vaccine while pregnant with a teeny tiny. I was considering maybe when I’m much closer to birth since he gets the antibodies but will be much more well developed by then since the shot can cause sickness symptoms in some ladies who take it. Does anyone have any advice or experiences that they can share with me or others who are nervous about it?
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2021.10.18 19:23 YetiCouple We took in this kitten we found abandoned in the bushes in our front yard. Here's a snoozy photo

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2021.10.18 19:23 appsaraby انتعاش الأسهم الأمريكية وسط تراجع أسعار الطاقة

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2021.10.18 19:23 VenturousCougar Desktop app or just website for privacy

Is using desktop app less private than just using tutanota in browser?
Of course while using vpn and appropriate firefox settings.
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2021.10.18 19:23 marg_93 Fake maple top

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2021.10.18 19:23 skipcredit Skip The Dishes - 🍔🍟 Hungry? Sign up with Skip The Dishes today and get $5 off your first delivery or pickup order over $15 🍔🍟

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2021.10.18 19:23 nicoleo294 Has anyone’s spouse changed their mind about children? Is there a path forward?

This is copied from a post I made in relationship_advice
My (30F) husband (36M) suddenly decided that he doesn’t want any more children.
My husband has one young son, who I have raised and consider my own. When we were dating and all through our relationship he said he wanted at least two more children, to give our son some siblings. We started trying to get pregnant early this year. We got pregnant and he suddenly changed, he wasn’t excited, said this was definitely our last, didn’t want to announce publicly. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a stillbirth. He is now saying that he doesn’t want to try again and this is my chance to leave him before I end up stuck and unhappy forever. Frankly, I am stuck, I love him, and leaving him means leaving our son too. It feels like both staying and leaving ruin my life in different ways. I just don’t know what to do to fix this. Has anyone else’s spouse done a complete 180 on children?
(I respect the choice not to have children, but I would have never been with him if he had been clear about it)
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2021.10.18 19:23 Extra-Kale Government pushing ahead with traffic light system despite strong opposition

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2021.10.18 19:23 Zellaus The way the clothes are fit on them are just funny to me

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2021.10.18 19:23 Wismg71 FUCK THIS GAME

If you’re a casual player like me this new version is atrocious. At least last year you could play vs CPU on world class and have a better chance of winning.
You cannot make ONE single mistake without the CPU just burying a shot from anywhere on the pitch after you’ve made it. The zooming in as you run toward the goal sucks.
EA can go fuck themselves.
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2021.10.18 19:23 fruworld DAOLand 101. General Intro, Research and Insights

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2021.10.18 19:23 the_register_ Photos: Flag stolen from front of police HQ

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2021.10.18 19:23 chosenusername7 Race Report: Oktoberfest Trail Run Festival Half Marathon

Race Information


Goal Description Complete?
A 1:40:00 Yes
B 1:45:00 Yes


Mile Time
1 7:36
2 7:49
3 7:40
4 7:30
5 7:41
6 7:42
7 7:41
8 7:28
9 7:23
10 7:19
11 7:30
12 7:27
13 7:00
.1 0:38

I have been signed up for the Dallas Marathon for a year and a half now, it constantly being pushed because of Covid. This resets my training every few months as my motivation gets crushed when learning the race is pushed further out and my training kind of fell of a cliff. This time around I am sticking to Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 plan and it is going extremely well. I missed one run and have to adjust the weekly schedule due to my work schedule, but I am still hitting the mileage and it is going well. My goal seemed lofty considering my previous PR of 1:54:-- in October of last year, and that probably is reflected in the slow start. A lot of my long runs and easy runs are in the high 9:00/mile and even 10:00 miles so sustaining a 7:30 for the entire 13 miles seemed lofty. My training plan includes no prescribed speed days so I had no way to gauge how going fast was going to feel. This is just the training race for my marathon as prescribed by my plan, so it is not my A race. I chose my B goal based upon my hopes of getting under 4 hour marathon, and reading about taking your half time +10 minutes x 2 to equal your marathon pace. I also attribute my fast time to the fact that I run around my house, which is very hilly. Though my training paces are slower because of it, I think it gave me a lot of strength on a relatively flat course to go fast.
I didn't really have any type of taper because this is just part of my training for a marathon. I scheduled well in advance for this week to be a lower mileage week but 6 days prior to the race I ran my 15 mile long run. 2 days prior to the race I worked, which meant I had little control over the food available to me at the firehouse. This was fine, I just adopted an "eat as much as I want and call it carb loading" mentality and i think it worked excellently. I made sure to start hydrating excessively 2 days prior as well. The day before I kept the hydration plan and ate smaller meals, much healthier and had Spanish Rice the night before the race. The morning of I woke at 5:00 to have a protein bar, banana, and coffee. I Continued pounding back water. I brought my gatorade bottle and bodyglide and headed out the door around 5:50 to arrive in Farmersville an hour before the race. The sign in wasn't busy (relatively small race), and I got checked in no problem. A quick trip to the bathroom for the reason I drank coffee when I normally don't, and I was basically ready. I don't do any warmups for my runs so besides a little walking I really wasn't stretched or ready to go. I was lucky however that the weather was fantastic. 50 degrees F when the race started at 8:00 was phenomenal.
I wasn't sure what to expect with this race. It is a 'trail race' technically, starting on paved trails and turning to single-track with a small section of rocky trail. We took off and one dude who obviously was going to win the race sprinted ahead. I got in front of most of the group, but less than .25 miles in I knew I wasn't keeping up with him as I looked at my watch and was going 6:30. Instead I settled into a comfortable pace. My ankles were giving me problems from just general tightness, but I knew that would resolve as I warmed up. I settled into 3rd place and was passed in the first couple miles by the eventual 2nd place finisher. In hindsight I could have kept a slightly faster pace but since I haven't raced in a long time and I wasn't used to knocking out 7:30 miles
At mile 2.5 we got off the pavement and onto the trail. I wore my typical road shoes I've been training in but they proved no problem. I could see the 2nd and 3rd place runners ahead of me for a long time as the trail was very straight. Eventually the 2nd place runner continued too far, but 3rd place stayed within my vision. I focused on his back, watched him for any signs of slowing down. Around 4 miles in he had about a 40 second lead. By 5 miles that lead was down to 25. I decided to go ahead and make the move around him. During this time the marathon runners who started an hour before us were started to pass us on the way back. The only issue with this course is passing was narrow on some sections. Most of the trail was wide enough but sometimes I had to plan ahead as to how I was going to pass the marathoners. I also started to feel a strange numbness in my right foot. I've had this before and I am pretty sure I had tied my shoe too tight. There was nothing to do about it now though, so I just kept going. As I approached 6 miles and the turn around point I started to do the math in my head. I figured I was well within reach of 1:40:00 if I didn't blow up, and felt remarkably well. I attest feeling that great after 6.5 miles to being well fed and hydrated. I did not stop at any of the hydration stations during the race because I did not want to slow down. So as I made the turn to head back, I determined to speed up and see if I could hit the 7:30 pace I thought was well out of reach. I used the passing of marathoners and seeing all of the half-marathoners still heading out on the trail as motivation because we all know we run faster when someone is around. My music shifted from classic rock to latin dance music and then to rap to finish the race.

Speeding up and clipping off 7:20 miles felt great. The entire time I had a nagging doubt in my head about possibly blowing up. My right calf was starting to feel tight. No cramping but I could feel the muscle working. A brief glimpse back showed I was not being followed by anyone closely. The two ahead of me were far gone. I wasn't racing against anything but the clock and my desire to hit 1:38:19 (7:30 pace). I kept doing mental math as the miles ticked by at one point incorrectly calculating that I was ahead of that 7:30 goal. by mile 9 I knew I had it in me to finish close to the pace I was running. That nagging feeling however stuck around, as I felt like kicking the last 5k, and second guessed my ability to hold my increased pace only a mile into it, slowing down for mile 11. Once we transitioned back onto the pavement for the last 2.5 my feet became unhappy. I liked the soft trail and felt like my steps were awkward on the hard pavement. I adjusted relatively quickly and continued onwards towards the finish. Unfortunately I didn't get a glimpse of the finish until i was basically upon it. My "kick" could have been stronger but whatever, this is just my training race, and it went well overall.
Overall, I think the race went exceptionally well. I ended up stopping my watch at 1:38:30 exactly 13.1 miles. The chip time on the website says 1:38:53. I don't know where the discrepency is but I don't really care because all of the top finishers were minutes apart. I got my free beer and taco and enjoyed those for a minute. My girlfriend was understandably cold from sitting out there the whole time, so we left shortly after finishing. Once we got back close to home we decided we wanted lunch, and given I had just done well in my race I chose the obvious choice: pizza. After pizza and beer for lunch we went home and I actually went on a mile jog with my dog to wear him out a little bit. Then I relaxed and got my stuff ready as I had to wake up at 4:00 to go to work the next morning. I am surprised at how during a race I was able to push my pace faster than ever before and while I had some doubts about my throughput, I wasn't reckless with my pacing and ran a negative split race which is great. This gives me high hopes for my first marathon coming up in December.

A question: I have seen on pace charts and calculators that my half time correlates to a marathon time of 3:25:00-3:30:00. Would it be reasonable for my to pursue that as my goal? I hear horror stories about starting out too fast in marathons, but those calculators have gotten my recent 5k and 10k predictions pretty spot on. Given I have my 18 and 20 mile long runs still to go, and the weather is getting cooler which is awesome, should I try to push a 3:30:00 marathon on my first time?
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2021.10.18 19:23 multiplesofpie What's your favorite gaff tape?

Don't know where else to ask this.
What's the best of the best?
Also (different question) what's the best bang for the buck?
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2021.10.18 19:23 kasra602 The IO office sure has some nice art to look at

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The London Arts Council is inviting artists living in London and surrounding First Nations: Chippewas of the Thames, Oneida Nation of the Thames, and Munsee-Delaware Nation; to submit high-resolution images of their artwork for purchase and use in a public art project. Artwork images will be printed onto a vinyl wrap and attached to traffic light boxes at street light intersections around London.
Those selected will receive $300.00 per image used. Images will be selected by a jury of artists. For more information visit londonarts.ca/calls-to-artists art by David Borrero
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2021.10.18 19:23 RequirementHead5685 blondes are best (iktr)

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2021.10.18 19:23 Smart-Independent-26 real

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