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Daily Post!

2021.10.18 20:09 75rx Daily Post!

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2021.10.18 20:09 OodleeNoodlee Oc Portrait,, Lavender🌿✨

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2021.10.18 20:09 Top_Location Morning Update for Monday, 10/18/21

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2021.10.18 20:09 jacksbox Help configuring notifications on Nest Doorbell (battery)

I'm very new to the Nest ecosystem (and smarthome tech in general). I just bought the new Nest doorbell (battery), and I've wired it to my existing doorbell electricity, and it's basically working.
I've got the Google Nest Hub 1st gen , and both of us in the house have Google Pixel phones.
The Nest doorbell seems to send silent notifications to our phones whenever someone walks in front of it (not extremely helpful), and an audio announcement on the Nest Hub whenever the button is pressed ("Someone is at the Front door doorbell"). Can we customize any of this at all? I've been looking everywhere, there are some instructions around the internet for the Nest app but this new Nest Doorbell only uses the Google Home app which has very limited options.
What I'd like to do: - Receive vibration or audible notifications on Pixel phones when doorbell is pressed - Be able to customize whether Nest Hub announces the doorbell (ex: a way to easily put it on 'silent' mode if needed)
Does anyone have any tips?
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2021.10.18 20:09 GeneralBrad0723 Roast me

Roast me more than you do with an rotisserie chicken.
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2021.10.18 20:09 quidpropho Yeah the ad is terrible, but now I've this pos song in my head for the last month.

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2021.10.18 20:09 TrashyMan34574 Trash...

This community is one of hellish compounds and and low standards of life. The fact that humanity has ever gone this low after our glorious outstanding achievements, I cannot compound the constant understanding or respect of people like D R E A M. The fact that people will go crazy over people like this is a confounding achievement. The fact that a guy with a mask can say "Oh I have depression go crazy for me, cosplay as me." BOO FUCKING HOOO. There are so many other people to put our focus on. But no lets put on a mask and back the guy up for breathing. And lets not get into the "Mask" music video. The fact that people can say, "OMG this sooo deep!!!!" Actually shut the fuck up, your a 12 year old guy or girl that literally wears a Minecraft shirt and jeans to school everyday. Your not interesting shut up, do something, get off your ass. AMEN BROTHERS.
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2021.10.18 20:09 RoboCG Every game should have Dogger!

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2021.10.18 20:09 Salty-Cloud-6813 How accurate is MyTrueAncestry?

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2021.10.18 20:09 TheSewerReports Part 2–A Discussion: Why Tom Delonge & Lue Elizondo are “somber” & The Truth Behind How Consciousness, Reality, & The UFO Phenomena are all related 🛸

This is Part 2, if you have not read Part 1, I recommend doing so first.
8. The idea that consciousness is somehow related to this phenomena was my presumption, as I’m sure it has been for a lot of you. However, my understanding did slightly change over time. Obviously telepathy is normally attributed to extraterrestrials, and so one of my first assumptions was that it was related because aliens could simply read our minds because they were so advanced. Then over time it seemed the conclusion was that consciousness somehow also controlled and piloted their UFOs as well. Then eventually when I accepted M-Theory & the Holographic Universe, I simply assumed that our consciousness was everything and that we were actively creating the physical reality with our consciousness. This led me down the rabbit hole of the “Law of One”, which essentially proclaims everything is from one consciousness, along with some (at the very least entertaining) explanations to the mysteries of the universe. Lots of the information is intuitive, mirrors ideologies found within existing religions & institutions, however it also does provide some intriguing theories regarding light, love, and consciousness (just slightly misinterpreted, in my own opinion).
However, this also left me wondering, if everything is consciousness and there are different levels of consciousness that make up “individuals” and their timelines, then how can consciousnesses have the ability to create physical reality, when one's ability to manipulate reality might impinge on another consciousness’ Natural Right of free will? As in, are all these different levels of consciousnesses entirely isolated from one another in their experiences, such that free will remains? Are other people in my personal physical reality technically “NPCs” based on other real consciousnesses? No that can’t be right, so if they are not non-conscious projections of a human individual that is indistinguishable from a real individual, then how can multiple consciousnesses exist in the same reality and experience the same events?
Could it be that a reality existing in a cohabitable environment in space & time would require a collective consciousness that actively enforces the agreed upon laws of nature? I do believe by the natural assumptions I have made so far, that because our realities are in fact “projections”, which are interactions of multiple consciousnesses and their abilities to project a common physical reality with energy (light & love), which also produces a common timeline reality (past & present); however, additionally because we should technically be able to alter our perception of reality with our consciousness (warp matter, space, & time), then we are only unable to do so currently, because our consciousnesses are being actively suppressed intentionally (note: this is different than being unevolved/unenlightened/inferior). Furthermore, irrefutable evidence of supernatural phenomena, such as the Navy UAP videos, would support this as intelligent manipulation to suppress our consciousness and perception of reality.

9. Now imagine if all is consciousness and light, and there are different densities of consciousness in particular dimensions, and within each dimension are individual consciousnesses capable of the same perception— And therefore common timeline and reality (a collective consciousness in a particular space & time). Let’s also assume M-Theory (Superstring Theory) is correct and we use that as the general understanding of a holographic universe (or our reality based on the perception of light, vibrations, gravity, space, and time). With taking all of this information at face value, think about what Tom DeLonge is trying to say. There could very well be other dimensional beings we cannot perceive, yet since they may be able perceive different or higher densities of consciousness, then they are able to observe all information in the universe—micro & macro. We are only restricted to our 3rd density or dimension and thus we can only perceive our timeline as the “past & present”. However, if all is consciousness, then everything is an illusion of light. Even manifestations of the so-called “afterlife”, UFOs, ghosts, shapeshifters, and “sacred objects”. So again, why are we perceiving these manifestations that are clearly warping the very fabric of reality, which is resulting in the Flatlander effect?
See, assuming this information is correct, then pretty much any supernatural phenomena could be generally explained through the classic “Flatlanders” example used in physics. The intro to this Ted talk explains this example well, he paints a picture where supernatural phenomena can be explained as observations of quantum tunneling/entanglement from our 3rd dimension and perception, so we only are able to perceive glimpses of these extra-dimensions. Therefore, when discussing “UFOs” that are not intelligently designed & constructed vehicles made to traverse the fabric of our universe—(i.e., when discussing UFO reports of moving objects of light or other supernatural phenomena), we may interpret these glimpses as something entirely different than what they actually are, since we would not be able to see the entire picture. These glimpses of different dimensions, beings, and/or objects used by them, occur for some reason or another, where space & time is warped and allows a cross into our density of perception of reality.
Thus, when considering everything discussed above, we are left with some clear and concise evidence that we are not in “true reality” or should I say “free reality”? That is, at least some of these UFOs are not time travelers, but instead an intelligent consciousness(es) that are indeed creating a false reality where in our consciousness is being actively suppressed and manipulated (for some reason or another). Interestingly, if one were to consider the above as fact, then one may also conclude that such “manipulation” and observation may be in pursuit of some information, resource, and/or otherwise out of punishment, entertainment, pleasure, retribution, and/or fear. Additionally & importantly, one may naturally assume whoever is responsible for such phenomena are not representative of all their beings (or other being), and therefore contradictory to the omnipotence we may contribute to “them,” they may in fact be some sort of demigod in a “higher consciousness” density (although not necessarily due to higher enlightenment nor “holiness”/karmic debt). Above all else, if everything is consciousness (conceiving matter & time), light (energy), gravity (electromagnetic forces), and space—then maybe, just maybe, we can finally take an educated guess as to the why.

10. From here let’s assume that all 3rd density consciousnesses were in fact capable of such abilities inherently… And other individuals in our realities are in fact conscious beings that are capable of manipulating matter, space & time—then our interactions of consciousness are able to create an infinite amount of realities that branch out to fulfill the seemingly endless possibilities (the future), however it would appear to be that there are certain immutable aspects of the universe (Natural Laws/Rights), such how much variation in information can be manifested and exist within a section of a timeline, thus making it possible to create common timelines that can also be isolated from one another. Then I saw someone post this (what a coincidence, huh?), and it made even more sense to me..it was like a missing part of the puzzle just randomly fell into my lap. Individual consciousnesses are able to affect realities of the past and future (just as I assumed), however this could only be true if the perceptions of the majority of consciousnesses aligned enough to be able to “make it real” and the space has an absence of enough impressions to be imprinted upon in a certain area of a timeline without disrupting the existing linked events—or put differently, the Experience of the Present (EOP) is directly related to the perception of the observing consciousness and therefore if that consciousness was able to shift dimensions such as zooming out, then time might appear to occur much fast and vice versa. For example, in the movie Ant-Man he was able to shrink to different levels of reality until he reached the Quantum Realms, where the physical reality and experience of time was able to actually to change entirely, based on whether he was at the microscopic level, atomic level, or beyond. When we think about this in the context of the UAP time travel thought experiment (link above), we can explain it as a force that accompanies supernatural phenomena such as a UFO sighting, which for some reason or another, aleters our “experience of the present”, and therefore we see UFOs and other supernatural phenomena from the perspective of the dragonfly (or I guess the extreme version of the dragonfly’s perspective in this specific example). This however does not rule out any and all other possible explanations for so-called UFOs or other supernatural phenomena, and more importantly does not explain why we have been subjected to this manipulation of our consciousness and reality.
So with keeping all of the above in mind, you can see that time is not linear. Therefore, consciousnesses can altemanipulate such matter to attain “experiences” of time such as the past & the present, however there really is no such thing, since the concept of past is not necessarily a required event to create the experience of the present (an event that must be a predecessor to the present, in order to experience it). When we are restricted to our 4 dimensions from a macroscopic view of the universe & its information, we can only have these experiences of this timeline & reality that the collective consciousness in this space are creating. The fact that we are witnessing such strange phenomena, that is beyond our comprehension of science, would imply that since this behavior appears to be intentional & intelligent—this manipulation can be assumed to be accompanied by the suppression of our consciousness. Which then prevents the ability of our collective consciousness from naturally creating the reality beyond a certain point, because the collective consciousness of humanity would want peace & prosperity for all if it could right?
If there were no scarcity of resources, then I would assume any collective consciousness would tend to progress towards a social memory complex that was beneficial for at the very least the majority of individual conscious experiences within it. So why does it appear that the opposite is occurring here on Earth? Why does it appear that humanity has been stricken with strife? That the wealth distribution has become so starkenly unbalanced, that 1% of the population owns the majority of the wealth? Could it truly be that the majority of the collective consciousnesses in this particular space & time are really manifesting a reality that is not only causing them pain & suffering, but riddled with wars & violence? ***Or is it more likely that our collective consciousness has been manipulated into allowing our reality to become dominated by the greed, fear, and lust for power of the so-called “elite”.
Moreover, if we were having our consciousnesses and memories actively suppressed & manipulated, then even if there is this always existing information in the universe that could still allow us to manipulate the “dark spots” within timelines/realities (in the context of the UAP time travel thought experiment), or at very least view different timelines, then we would not be able to access such knowledge as proof due to this oppression. However, it could be that some individuals are more consciously aware of other parallel dimensions, and maybe even able to manipulate it in some form—and recently a push towards UFO disclosure has actually been in the pursuit of “awakening” the majority of the collective consciousness to the truth, so that we are able to break free of such oppression and no longer feed these negative cyclical patterns that empower such a dreadful existence.

11. Now I have never really realized the full story of Philip K. Dick… And how he has inspired so many of my favorite films: The Matrix, Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, etc., much less how I literally watched each of these movies independently of one another, at different times in my life. However, I only made this revelation rather recently after I saw someone post this video of a speech from 1977 that Philip K. Dick (PKD) gave. In this speech, he makes a compelling admission that he had written all of his books based on real full-life memories that he remembered from a different “timelines” he had lived in. He goes on to explain that he experienced these “revelations” in an instant of time while he was fully conscious. He believed we lived in a matrix, a computer program simulation of reality, and that experiences such as Mandela Effects were in actuality glitches in this matrix, where our consciousness remembered “past lives” (or what PKD believed were “obsolete” past realities), and it appeared we were simply experiencing every “computation” (or reality) of a ever perfecting program/reality.

What was intriguing was that PKD was describing an experience that again, did not really conflict with any of my other findings regarding supernatural phenomena and in fact supported it further. I do believe PKD’s statements, however I also believe he fails to see the bigger picture. He’s not asking why we are conscious inside of a matrix reality. He’s not asking who created the matrix, and what true reality is like. If one were to consider the circumstances of reported supernatural phenomena (UFO sightings, close encounters with ETs, ghosts, skinwalkers, remembering other lives/realities, experiences of the different/altered dimensions, etc.), then one may explain such phenomena as coming from dimensions beyond our comprehension or density consciousness. It would appear we are forced to experience time in a linear fashion on a microscopic scale (as you experience higher levels of consciousness, your view then becomes more microscopic and occurs sans time). It may be that there are extra-dimensional beings who are not restrained to strictly our dimensions of reality, and instead are capable of interdimensional travel through manipulation of matter, space, & time. In addition to this mind bending interpretation of space & time, this then can explain such experiences as either purposeful manipulation of our consciousness & reality or some natural occurring phenomena where the geodesics of electromagnetic forces in a certain space act as a doorway or portal into different dimensions/timelines.
Another thing that sparked my attention was PKD’s obvious connections he made within his work between artificial intelligence, technology, consciousness, emotions, and life. As these topics and the connections he made, appeared to be eerily similar to what Lue was suggesting the whole phenomena may actually entail, when he recommended reading “Chains of the Sea”. If beings existed at higher levels of consciousness within our social memory complex, and they were able to manipulate the very fabric of our universe beyond our comprehension of physics and quantum mechanics, then this would have to suggest these beings are vastly far more advanced than any human consciousness. Therefore, this would also suggest the Interdimensional Hypothesis (IDH) is a much more likely explanation for this phenomena. The development of the IDH as an alternative to Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) increased in the 1970s and 1980s with the publication of books by Vallée and Hynek. In 1975, Vallée and Hynek advocated the hypothesis in The Edge of Reality: A Progress Report on Unidentified Flying Objects and further, in Vallée's 1979 book Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults.

12. Vallée's work suggests that these historical & religious events that are of such importance in humanity’s history, are reminiscent of modern day reports of UFOs & the supernatural, because it appears they are both symbols of historical and presently active manipulation of the human consciousness & reality. This seems to support PKD’s interpretation of an ever-seemingly changing reality and the abilities of some to remember such timelines and/or experience dimensions beyond normal human perception. Furthermore, as previously linked, Tom Delonge has spoken about the supposed underground pyramids around the world that the government has been studying for decades, and suggests that they just finding out that these pyramids appear to be suppressing our consciousness. Moreover, this suppression of our consciousness has been taking place even since the times of the ancient Egyptians. However, if time is not linear, then they may experience the “present” from a higher level of consciousness, and therefore are able to witness things or recall memories beyond our perceivable dimensions of space & time—despite occurring concurrently within the same space. What I believe is important in these respects, is that this would have to imply that the intelligent behavior we are witnessing on the Navy UAP videos is of extra-dimensional beings that are able to manipulate our reality beyond our comprehension, and therefore must fall into one of the following four categories (although not restricted to any particular one): (1) higher levels of consciousnesses that are further along in some natural-occurring ascending order of consciousness evolution, (2) humans who are for some reason or another more enlightened in their self-consciousness, (3) humans or some being(s) that are traveling from a more advanced timeline(s), or if one would rather keep our concept of time within tact (4) then it could be extraterrestrials that have discovered/possibly had access to resources of exotic material/information that allowed them to travel interdimensionally to our space and thus making them extra-dimensional beings while using such technology.

13. Regardless, taking into account Vallée’s reasoning of such observations of historical and religious events of importance and their correlational relationships to the UFO & supernatural phenomena we are currently experiencing… It would appear these beings (despite which category they fall into) have been intentionally manipulating the human consciousness for an ulterior motive; given our ignorance towards the afterlife. And this is the reason why asking why is important, because asking why is only important when there seems to be an ulterior motive, otherwise the question becomes meaningless. This is what I believe is the most important thing I have come to learn, because once we answer this last question of why we are in a simulated/manipulated reality, we will be left with only one thing that would truly matter—the history of true creation to the extent that any consciousness is aware. There would be no more why, just is. In other words, I am suggesting that whatever ulterior motive these beings have to justify their actions in manipulating our realities, memories, and overall consciousnesses, would imply we would have had that same knowledge of the universe as these beings, if it were not being actively suppressed and/or altered by these extra-dimensional beings. So I must reiterate: if we assume whoever is responsible for such phenomena are not representative of all their beings (or other being), and therefore contradictory to the omnipotence we may contribute to “them,” they may in fact be some sort of demigod in a “higher consciousness” density (although not necessarily due to higher enlightenment nor evolution), and we must take caution in believing everything we are told even if these things appear as religious/spiritual/extra-dimensional figures of importance, or even if we experience a seemingly supernatural event of higher meaning. Also think before acting, because everything in the universe was first a thought, before anything came into existence. Consciousness is everything.

14. I want to end here for now, although there is more I want to write about. I just want to post this already, despite at where I am now, because it feels like I have been writing this forever. Also, I keep seeing posts across various subreddits that are either (1) people like me, who are describing similar experiences/thoughts and I want to share my experience as well, or (2) I see people making posts ridiculing the hypothesis that consciousness could be related to the phenomena. Whether these individuals are true skeptics, fearful, or some sort of bad actor in the community, there is one last thing I want to mention in this first part of my writings—
For those individuals who are reporting receiving messages from some sort of “alien” or spiritual being of consciousness, please remember: The truest form of Entropy is von Neumann entropy. And it would appear that this phenomena is linked to quantum entanglement, which creates this kind of entropy and the very fabric of our existence. Just as with Schrödinger's cat, the double-slit experiment, the Stern-Gerlach experiment, etc., we have essentially proven that there are in fact these “superpositions of states” where Quantum Darwinism occurs, which in turn verifies the existence of these overlapping split realities. It creates pure states of the unknown. However, when we take into account quantum entanglement, then even though the reality may appear as having a von Neumann entropy of 0, in fact the entropy is increasing because the information wavelength is hidden. It’s hidden in the part of the wave function corresponding it’s entangled partner that we cannot perceive. It is in a different dimension.

![img](sd9c0q5q09u71 "This plot shows the von Neumann entropy, s(t) = −Tr ρ log e (ρ), of the reduced qubit density matrix versus the dimensionless time, Γot, for low temperature (e −βωo = 0.05). ")
Therefore entropy increases as all the informational states become increasingly hidden due one entangled partner interacting with all the other macroscopic particles of an environment, which then interact with each other and the web of quantum entanglement grows so quickly that it soon becomes impossible to access the entire wave function. **This process is called decoherence and it is how the ordinary macroscopic human world emerges. It creates the illusion of a very un-quantum macroscopic world where entropy increases exponentially and our classical reality is born from that quantum reality. What this essentially means is, our reality only exists because something is manipulating it and preventing natural entropy from taking place. The Law of Entropy implies that such an environment when untampered and when left alone in natural states, will eventually reach a point of chaos before and equilibrium. Additionally, entropy also defines the arrow of time, which itself points in the direction of increasing entropy and multiplying entanglement.
This essentially explains how time is created by our linear perspective of increasing quantum entanglement and entropy, and that everything that exists (informational & physical), is all that will ever exist, however, this can be perceived as an illusion of an almost infinite amount of universes because all fractioning realities will always exist in this superposition of states caused by the increasing entanglement everything. And the only reason we appear to experience time and the classical world (which appears to be random and where free will exists), is because in actuality this information has only become so quantumly entangled that it appears hidden to our perception. From here, one would then naturally assume that this is because there is indeed an outside force or consciousness that is actively creating/altering our reality by creating massive quantum entanglement and entropy among all our particles of existence. Clearly this manipulation of our reality has caused some of this information to be hidden—thus creating the illusion of time and the unknown—and despite not really having a true von Neumann entropy level of 0, it appears to us as such to us in these dimensions we perceive.
It is quite obvious these devastating issues that are currently plaguing humanity’s existence, have been due to the manipulation of human consciousnesses and our physical reality. Without this manipulation, our classical world could not exist, and the fact that we are totally oblivious to such knowledge of how this has come to be, it would appear that our consciousness has been suppressed to fully immerse us within this classical world of reality. For example, imagine a video game where you are given multiple choices at different points, and depending on these choices you make, you could end up at several different endings. To us, from the gamer’s perspective, when playing the first time around, it would appear that the game allows free will and the ending is dependent on your random choices of options through different points in the game, which appear to be infinite. Despite this false sense of free will and a random reality, both you (existing in the “real” world) and the programmer of the game knows that you are simply just playing a video game where there is only a finite number of combinations of options and endings. Therefore, once you play through the game enough times, you will eventually be able to predict what ending you will reach depending on the options you choose. This could then also create an illusion of being psychic, but in fact you have just seen all possible outcomes and are making educated guesses depending on actions taken in a particular game session.

How could one then become so fully immersed within this reality, that they begin to believe free will and infinite endings exist? By erasing the gamer’s memories from previous sessions of the games? Yes & No. See, by doing so of course they would not know exactly how many combinations of options and endings exist, however the gamer in real life would still be aware that it is just a game, and knows that the character in the game will never have true free will nor will there ever be an infinite amount of different endings available. So if one were to be truly immersed within a false reality of free will and randomness, we would need to also erase the gamer’s memory such that they forget entirely that a world outside of the game exists. Theoretically, this game could provide a very high number of different combinations of options and ending, such that the game would become indistinguishable from true reality. The only way the gamer would ever be able to become self-aware that they exist inside a game that is a simulation of true reality, and in fact there are only a finite number of outcomes possible (where every single combination of options and endings exist concurrently in these superposition of states) would be if the gamer experienced a glitch in the game that revealed it was not random.
Put differently, quantum entanglement creates entropy, which hides some information from our perception. This hidden information creates an illusion of a level of entropy of 0, despite this not being true, because in actuality all information has always existed in every-way-always. This is due to the always existing superposition of states caused by this exponential entanglement and entropy, which at the same time ironically creates a very seemingly un-quantum reality known as our classical world. And in our particular world/reality, we have seen humans throughout all of history pitted against one another, by the invoking of greed in almost every aspect of our lives, rather than a unifying force in efforts to progress humanity in the chain of conscious evolution.** So now we must ask: Why we are here, and how can we get out? We must attempt to find out more of the truth. Not through violence nor protest, but by taking action to be more open-minded and educating ourselves further on these subjects, then communicating and sharing such ideas with likeminded individuals. We can only control ourselves and communicate our experiences. So that is what we should do. I am not here to save anyone nor am I here to convince anyone of anything. These are my thoughts, take them as you will.

15. Epilogue We must remember that we can, at the very least, observe that such religious, spiritual, and supernatural phenomena have clearly invoked strong emotional human reactions all throughout history to this day. So we must attempt to remain mindful of our emotions, judgements, and reactions. It is the balance of consciousness that will bring us answers. There is no such thing as karmic debt. No requirement to polarize. No light vs. dark. No positive vs. negative. It is all about unity and entropy. Peace of the universe that is unquestionable, because there is no motive, no why at the core. Just being. submitted by TheSewerReports to ufo [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 20:09 ufokid 7 Deadly Sins of the Continents (explanation in comments)

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2021.10.18 20:09 dolinar MK7R, RacingLine R600 intake TUV

I just bought an R600 intake for my stage2 build. Does a TUV exist for it? I found this:
but I'm not sure if it is legit. Does anyone here have it and would share it with me? Much appreciated!
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2021.10.18 20:09 foxwolfdogcat Kananaskis Conservation Pass revenue brings in millions, area improvements underway: province

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2021.10.18 20:09 CerebralGladiator Bratty kid destroys birthday cake

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2021.10.18 20:09 Tough_Beautiful_3240 Scary Comp. V10

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2021.10.18 20:09 VirtualCry Having these artifacts on my screen recently. Please help.

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2021.10.18 20:09 susamogusthrowaway Galaxy S20 camera black screen

Hello, I recently purchased a samsung galaxy s20 and my camera appears to not work at all. I used to get the "camera stopped working" error message (rough translation because my phone is not in English) and now my camera app is just a black screen with the camera hotbar. I tried everything from restarting my phone, clearing the cache, safemode, updating my phone to the newest version along with the camera app etc. Nothing worked and the one thing I did not try was a factory reset because I do not have the time to type all of my info in and reinstall all apps. Has anyone else encountered this? If so, please let me know. Thanks for reading
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2021.10.18 20:09 chief57 18 Lbs of Costco USDA Choice Brisket, 18 hrs with hickory pellets, butcher paper after 160F and the MEATER thermometer made all the difference!

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2021.10.18 20:09 ClassySmokeCannabis switching from AMD to Intel

So im about to switch over from an intel motherboard to an AMD setup keeping only the same GPU. Will a factory reset and redownloading windows through the cloud be good enough for a new install/configuration of the new hardware or should I wipe the drive and install a fresh copy through the USB method? If I do wipe the drive I have another question. My AMD cpu doesn't have integrated graphics so when I wipe the drive and lose my nvidia drivers what do I use to get a display image since there will be no driver for the gpu and the cpu has nothing integrated. I would assume the gpu can run basic tasks without the main nvidia drivers? I'm aware there is a 95% chance I will loose my windows license since its a new motherboard
Im going from an i7 4790, ddr3 16gb, and a 3070ti to a AMD 3600, 16gb ddr4, b450 mb and a 3070 ti. I've been severely bottlenecked by CPU since I got the GPU last month. I do plan on getting a 5000 series in the near future.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
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2021.10.18 20:09 gudeblob our birb Brewster, art by me

We're getting Finally getting Brewster and so.much.MORE!!
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2021.10.18 20:09 FillipJayCoalSun Alberta's vote on whether to reject equalization is about leverage, premier says

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2021.10.18 20:09 Shane99- So I knew about the Mascot Head but I never found this before.

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2021.10.18 20:09 swon888 Stairway to the sky at Chinatown Los Angeles.

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