BBC Host Alex Scott Horrified To Learn Ancestor Owned Slaves

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BBC presenter Alex Scott gets the shock of her life during Who Do You Think You Are? upon learning that one of her ancestors was a slave owner.
Tracing back through her father's side of the family, Alex discovers that her 4x great grandfather Robert Francis Coombs owned 26 slaves in the 1820s in Jamaica.
Being handed the records of her ancestor, a shocked Alex tells the cameras: 'In my family line - this doesn't sound right coming out of my mouth but - Robert Francis Coombs owned people.
Speaking to the tearful presenter, a historian tells Alex that Robert Francis Coombs was a light-skinned man of colour, and it was not uncommon for free people of colour to own slaves.
In a preview clip from the show, Alex Scott says: 'In terms of explaining my emotion behind it, I suppose that goes against everything that I stand for, who I am.
According to The Mirror, Alex also goes on to learn that Robert married her 4x great grandmother Frances Tracey, but also had two children with one of the women he owned.
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I have DCS and IL-2, and I'm not against adding to my library. I'd like to have a fun, challenging, and realistic dogfight trainer in Single Player, in VR.
I hear a lot about how DCS cheats and you have mig-21's with unlimited energy, or how bogeys can respond to a missile that they have no way of knowing it was launched, etc.
I realize that dogfighting is a challenging and dynamic thing, and teaching a computer to do it well AND fairly is not easy. With that said, what IS the best game to experience that particular aspect of combat aviation? It doesn't have to be any particular era, but preferably good at "within visual range, using guns or short range missiles" is the important part.
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Gerade ist es October 18, 2021 at 07:00PM
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I'm looking at specing into a str dps build that uses the hatchet. But I'm torn between the war hammer and the great axe. I've used both and enjoy the combat of both of them. Is there any advantage to going with one over the other?
If I go war hammer I get to split my dmg types by slashing and impact so I could take advantage of that.
The great axe though seems to have better self heals later on plus the gravity well is super fun.
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Hey I'm Victor, im 31 and I used to work at a University in the Medical Engineering department. My school was one of the first ones to close down and while I'm still working and doing research, these staggered schedule leaves me with a whole lot more free time than before, on the plus side, classes will start again in 2 weeks so we will see a whole lot of mess happening really quick. I like to do outdoor stuff and nerdy things lol, but overall I think im a funny guy. I have 1 doggie which I love to show off too and people have told me that he is the best wing dog they have ever seen hahahah. Message me if you have a chance, I will be available most of this week and next
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Greetings honored Senators!
It is the fifteenth day before the Kalendes of Novembris.
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